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nakhon pathom
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Nakhon Pathom

Enjoying Fruit Orchards along the Canals,
Visiting Two Flouting Markets


Don Wai Market

Wandering on Land through Don Wai Floating Market, Sampling Delicious Food from Innumerable Shops

Don Wai Market is known as the centre of delicacies of all sorts. Tourists can take the path within the market, lined on both sides by wooden shop-houses offering a wide variety of cooked food, as main dishes, side dishes, dessert and condiments, all available for sampling. The market is filled with visitors at weekends. They crowd the path, amid the calls of shop-keepers who put their merchandise on display, with inviting appearance and appealing aroma.
don wai marketdon wai market
These include renowned duckling in spiced brown sauce at Mr. Nap's, Mr. O's and several others, spiced snakehead fishmeal steamed in banana leaf wrappings at Mrs. Prathin's, and uncountable authentic Thai dishes, delightful snacks to choose from. One can opt for noodles prepared in different styles, including the famous Phat Thai at restaurants on rafts. A wide range of Thai desserts are on offer, including the renowned palm-nut cake of Auntie Khai, and different sweetmeats based on rice flour, coconut milk, cereal and egg. At the open space of Wat Don Wai, fresh fruits and vegetables are on sale, including young plants and flowers.
nakhon chai si route

Sam Phran - Nakhon Chai Si Route

For those returning from Don Wai Floating Market, a further ride towards Amphoe Sam Phran is recommended in the afternoon. On the way, stops can be made at Wat Tha Phut to pay respect to the Chulamani Pagoda and visit the folk museum, then at Wat Rai Khing to pay respect to the revered Buddha and view the murals in the prayer hall. Thereafter, take an elephant ride at the model Thai village in the Rose Garden, or view the handling of crocodiles and elephant show at the Crocodile Farm nearby.

For a fitting conclusion to the day, sample delicious food at Nakhon Chai Si or Tha Na Market in Nakhon Amphoe Chai Si.


Phutthamonthon Route

For tourists returning from Lam Phaya Floating Market or a cruise on Khlong Maha Sawat, a stop can be made at Wat Klang Bang Kaeo to view the folk museum, followed by a visit to the Wax Museum for a glimpse into Thai history, lifestyle, and traditions through wax images. In late afternoon, pay respect to the Si Sakkaya Thotsaphonyan statue at Phutthamonthon, and enjoy a meal in the glittering lights of Utthayan Road (Aksa).

Recommended Tours

Programme 1 :
Cruising the Nathon Chai Si River, Enjoying Delicacies at the Floating Market, and Visiting Attractions on the Way Back

One leaves Bangkok early in the morning, heading towards Amphoe Bang Len, in time for a visit to the Lam Phaya Floating Market, having breakfast on a raft, taking a boat ride on the Nakhon Chai Si River, before going to Don Wai Floating Market, in a different atmosphere. Lunch can be bought and taken along on a boat ride to view another stretch of the Nakhon Chai Si River. Returning to the riverbank, visitors can take a stroll along the wooden shop-houses on the riverfront to do some more shopping in the hectic and lively atmosphere.

In the afternoon, there remains ample time to stop at Wat Rai Khing, Wat Tha Phut, Misiem Yipintsoi Sculpture Garden, to relax at the Rose Garden, or to enjoy elephant and crocodile shows at the Sam Phran Crocodile Farm. A final stop in the evening is at Nakhon Chai Si or Tha Na Market, where dining on the raft in the river breeze can be enjoyed, or there is plenty of delicious food for takeaway.

Programme 2 :
Touring Agricultural Area by the Canal, Visiting Museums and Relaxing in the Glitters of the Utthayan Road on the Return Trip

One leaves Bangkok early in the morning, heading towards Phutthamonthon District to Khlong Maha Sawat. A stroll at the morning market by the canal is a good way to pass the time, with delicious food and home-brewed coffee on offer. A boat ride through the plantations is next, with activities such as visits to the orchid farms and pomelo plantations, paddling in the lotus field, or making sweetmeats with the housewife group. And the visit would not be complete without sampling noodles at the boat landing.

In the afternoon, make a detour to visit the wax museum, or observe the training of traditional Thai craftspeople at the Palace College (from November to July only), and take a walk through the herb garden at Mahidol University, Salaya Campus. Thereafter, spend a quiet moment at Phutthamonthon, and conclude the tour with a delightful meal under the streetlights, along Utthayan or Aksa Road.

nakhon pathom



There are several places within Nakhon Chai Si, Sam Phran, and Bang Len Districts, and in Phutthamonthon area, such as Green House (Nakhon Chai Si), Siwichai Raft (Phutthamonthon Route 1) Tel. 0-3433-1978, 0-3423-2182, Ban Suan Phai (near Lam Phaya Floating Market), Rose Garden Hotel (Suan Sam Phran), Tel. 0-3432-2588-93, 0-2296-3261-4.

Food Services:

In the city area, there are several renowned restaurants such as Ung Tong Ha, Tel. 0-3421-8212, Hong Yok, Tel. (0-3421-2261, braised-pork rice at the market next to the White Bus Stand, an array of food shops on the bank of Khlong Chedi Bucha, and in Nakhon Chai Si Market (Tha Na Market) where ducking in brown sauce can be bought, Tik Photchana, Tel. 0-3433-1753, food-rafts and boat noodles at Don Wai Floating Market, and on Utthayan Road in front of Phutthamonthon Centre, such as Ban Nam Khiang Din, Tel. 0-2441-3837, Weekend Dining Tel. 0-2441-9961, and food stalls with freshly cooked favourite snacks on both sides of the road.


Aromatic young coconuts and smoked coconuts can be bought from roadside stalls on the way to Wat Rai Khing, sweet pomelos are available in all places, while delicacies such as glutinous rice in coconut milk cooked in bamboo joints, preserved pork and sausages, Chinese Style, are available at side-road near the Great Pagoda. Jelly in aromatic young coconuts by Khun U is available at the original shop on Thesa Road, and at the branch office on Phetkasem Road. Famous spicy dipping sauces are at Mae Si Shop in the market south of the Great Pagoda, the Mae Lek (Subin) Shop on Phetkasem Road. Chinese moon-cake Ha Hiang can be bought at Bang Len Market, duckling, mackerel in brown sauce, spicy fish dumplings, and Thai desserts at Don Wai Market, Lam Phaya Floating Market and Tha Na Market.

Suggestions for River Cruises

Dry season is recommended as rains could disrupt the journey or wreak havoc.


• Check weather conditions before taking a trip, and check the ebb and high tide beforehand for safety and convenience.
• See to it that the boat is right for the trip and not overloaded.
• Wear lightweight, tumble-dry clothes and open shoes. Prepare hats, sunshades, and windbreaker jackets (for cool days).
•Get watertight plastic bags for camera and other equipment.
• Wear a life vest or get hold of a lifesaver in case of accidents.
• Food items for the trip should be easy to take along. Garbage must be disposed of on shore, not thrown into the waterways. In case of falling overboard, swim back towards the boat or the shore.
• Do not travel during rain or storms.
• Avoid moving or running around on the boat while it is moving.
• Boat tours should not be conducted at night.

river cruises

Travel Tips

Cruising Khlong Maha Sawat Observing Traditional Agricultural Lifestyle on the Waterfront

From Bangkok, tale the Pinklao - Nakhon Chai Si route, up to Phutthamonthon 4 intersection, and then turn right towards Mahidol University, Salaya Campus, passing the university and turning left into the Salaya - Nakhon Chai Si Road. After passing the Phutthamonthon District Office, take the right turn at the next intersection into Highway 3094. After about 4 kilometres, a signboard on the right points to the entrance to Wat Suwannaram, which lies about 1 kilometre from the main road. The path leads to the open space of Wat Suwannaram by the canal. Also, a train trip can be made from Thon Buri or Bangkok Noi Railway station to Wat Suwan Station.

Boat embarkation

Motorboats can be hired at the boat landing of Wat Suwannaram, at 300 baht each, complete with a guide. One boat accommodates about 6 persons. Should stopovers be required, visitors would be Charged 70 baht each to cover the extra cost, There are life jackets, umbrellas, and wide-brimmed hats on board. Contact the Ecotourism Center of Khlong Maha Sawat, next to Wat Suwannaram. Tel. 0-3429-7152 or 08-1495-9091.

Visiting Two Floating Markets, Admiring the Pristine Nakhon Chai Si River
Lam Phaya Floating Market - How to get there:

From Phutthamonthon, take the Salaya - Nakhon Chai Si Road, and turn right into Salaya - Bang Phasi Road, up to kilometre 23, and the entrance to Wat Lam Phaya can be seen on the left. Follow the sign for about 100 metres to the parking lot of the temple. A van service is available in front of the Merry King Department Store, Pinklao, running hourly from 7.00 am. 10 7.00 pm.

Boat embarkation

The boat landing in front of Wat Lam Phaya, at the raft houses of Lam Phaya Floating Market, offers services during weekends. For more information, Tel. 08-1572-1143 or 08-1856-9538.
• Ancient rowboat (with roofed seating area) at 25 baht per person, or 50 baht per person per hour, in operation throughout the day. A trip lasts about 30 minutes.
• Large rowboats, at 60 baht per person. The cruise takes one to two hours, leaving at 11.30 am. and 2.00 pm.
• Raft from Wat Sukwatthanaram, with a fee of 50 baht per person, leaving at 10 am., 12.30 pm., and 2.30 pm.
• Raft from Wat Bang Phasi, with a fee of 50 baht per person, leaving at 11.00 Am. and 1.30 pm.

Don Wai Floating Market
How to get there

From Pinklao - Nakhon Chai Si Road, take a turn into Phutthamonthon 5, and turn right into Don Wai - Phutthamonthon Highway, up to the intersection and turn right. About 100 metres from the intersection; the entrance into Wat Don Wai is found on the left. The boat landing is at the floating market. Land transportation is available, with vans running on weekends from 8.00 am. - 6.00 pm., leaving from beside Pata Department Store.

Boat embarkation

There are two operators of tour boats from the boat landing in from of Wat Don Wai, next to Don Wai Floating Market.

Route 1: Wat Don Wai – Wat Tha Phut – Wat Rai Khing.

They use a large rowboat, accommodating 80 persons, for a fee of 50 baht for adults and 25 baht for children for a one-hour trip, operating on weekends and public holidays, 9.30 am. to 5.00 pm., and one trip on weekdays at 12.30 pm. Contact Sisawat Yon Yuk (Retracing the Past) Company Tel. 08-1448-8876, 08-1659-5805, 0-3439-3637

Route 2: Wat Don Wai – Wat Rai Khing – Fish Pond – Rose Garden.

They also use a large towboat, accommodating 80 persons. The cruise takes two hours, with a charge of 80 baht each for adults and 40 baht each for children, operating only on Saturdays and Sundays at 11.00 am., 12.30 pm., 2.00 pm., and 3.30 pm. Contact the Sisawat Yon Yuk Company Tel. 0-1448-8876, 0-1659-5805, 03-439-3637

Route 3: Wat Don Wai – Wat Hom Kret.

The large rowboat accommodates 70 persons. The cruise takes one and a half hours, charging 50 baht each for adults and 25 baht each for children. It is in operation on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, at 9.00 am., 10.15 am., 12.00 am., 12.45 pm., 2.15 pm., 3.00 pm., and 4.00 pm.

Route 4: Wat Don Wai – Wat Klang Bang Kaeo.

The company's large rowboat can accommodate 70 persons. The cruise takes about three hours, for a fee of 80 baht each for adults and 40 baht each for children. Only one trip is offered at 1.30 pm. on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays. Contact the Mit Sai Chon Company Tel. 08-1482-1107, 08-1625-0672, or 08-1258-4892.




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