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nakhon pathom
Khlong Tour > Nakhon Pathom

Khlong tour in Nakhon Pathom

khlong tour nakhon pathomkhlong tour nakhon pathom

1. Cruising Khlong Maha Sawat,
Observing Traditional Agricultural Lifestyle on the Waterfront

Khlong Maha Sawat was dug at the command of King Mongkut, Rama IV, during 1857 – 1860, to link: the Nakhon Chai Si River with the Chao Phraya River, opening up a route for his pilgrimage to the Great Pagoda, Phra Pathom Chedi, and for planters of sugar cane to transport their produce to sugar factories.

Khlong Maha Sawat has largely retained its serene beauty. The lush green plantations and orchards are mirrored in the clear water of the canal. Early in the morning, food can be offered to Buddhist monks in their boats. There may be time to enjoy a stroll on the bank, with a stop for a meal or some snacks at the market by the canal in front of Wat Suwannaram, before taking a boat ride through various agro tourist sites, such as Thassanee Orchid, various fruit orchards, known for delicious pomelo, which can be picked from the trees, or paddling in vast rice fields to pick lotus flowers. Visitors can participate in the making of health food such as whole-grain rice crackers, iodized preserved eggs, sun-dried fruits, and various snacks and sweetmeats, which serve perfectly as souvenirs for people back home.

cruising khlong maha sawatcruising khlong maha sawat

Lam Phaya Floating Market

Located at the boat landing of Wat Lam Phaya, Lam Phaya Sub-district, Bang Len District, it comprises food rafts offering rice dishes, noodles, and other dishes as well as desserts, forming over 200-metre line along the canal, supplier oriented by boats peddling coffee, food, fruits and vegetables along the rafts. On the bank, there are stalls selling commodities and food, with a traditional Thai massage service, and a display of old farm tools. Boats are available for pleasure ride, as tiny roofed-boats, and rice barges, taking visitors along the canal, passing lush rice-fields, lotus fields, fruit orchards, Thai-style houses, old rice mills, marketplaces, and temples where food crumbs can be given to fish such as Wat Bang Phra and Wat Bang Phasi. In winter, open-billed storks can be spotted foraying for food on the waterfront.

cruising khlong maha sawat
cruising khlong maha sawat

Thassanee Orchid Farm

The farm belongs to Uncle Chub and Aunt Chuk Khotchawet. The distinctive feature of the farm is a new variety of the Dendrobium orchid, successfully crossed by Uncle Chub for the first time, and named Thassanee, after their daughter. It has bright violet blossoms that glitter in the sun. Contact Tel. 0-2889-4230, 0-1866-8525.

Lotus Field

The field of 20 rai, about 8 acres, is the property of Uncle Chaem Sawatto. Visitors can try their hands at the handling of picked lotus flowers for the market, and take a paddle boat out to pick lotus flower in the field. In summer, lotus flowers can be seen throughout the entire, vast field. Those who want to pick lotus flowers should arrive early in the morning (contact Tel. 0-3429-7091 to make arrangements).

Farm Housewives Group of Maha Sawat

This group of local housewives specializes in health food, such as whole-grain rice crackers, iodized preserved eggs, and sun-dried fruit and vegetables, such as olive, mango, star gooseberry, papaya, and guava. Visitors can take part in the production of goods and packaging materials such as baskets woven from coconut leaves. For details, Tel. 0-3429-7099 or 08-1498-6340.

Uncle Bunlert’s Fruit Orchard

An integrated fruit orchard, which is toxin free, featuring pomelo as the main plant, hearing fruit in late July to August, and available for consumers in March and April. For observation of pomelo harvest and sampling of the fruits, contact Tel. 0-2889-3826 or 0-3429-7104 in advance.

2. Visiting Two Floating Markets,
Admiring the Pristine Nakhon Chai Si River

nakhon chai si river
nakhon chai si river
Don Wai and Lam Phaya Floating Markets on the Nakhon Chai Si River are the original floating markets of the riverside communities, and they have been revived and reinvigorated. They are currently major shopping sites for food and commodities. Also, tour boats can be obtained for cruising on the Nakhon Chai Si River, the lifeline of Nakhon Pathom Province.
nakhon chai si river

Nakhon Chai Si Market (The Na Market)

The site once served as the administrative centre of the Nakhon Chai Si Circle. Traces of the old riverside community remain at the Nakhon Chai Si or the Tha Na Market, the centre of delectable dishes, especially well cooked duckling in brown sauce. There are several original food shops, open all day long. In the river, there are also noodle boats and several food shops on rafts.

nakhon chai si river
nakhon chai si river


Wat Klang Bang Kaeo

An old temple from the Ayutthaya Period, housing, among other significant objects, the wax figure of the highly revered Luang Po Bun, the Lord Abbot in the Fifth Reign, who played a significant role in the renovation of the temple. The Phra Phutthawithi Nayok Museum has been set up to house various objects presented to the temple by devotees. An elaborate scripture hall in the middle of the pond presents a stunning sight. Moreover, there is a major palace-topped structure, the finest in the area, where a metal model footprint of the Lord Buddha is enshrined.

Wax Museum

Open to visitors Monday to Friday, 9.00 am. – 5.30 pm., Saturday, Sundays and public holidays, 8.30 am. - 6.00 pm. Entrance fees are 50 baht and 10 baht for Thai adults and children, respectively and 200 baht for foreigners. There are wax figures of personalities and historical events, including scenes from Thai literature and scenes of customs and traditions.

The Misiem Yipintsoi Sculpture Garden

Created by the late Misiem Yipintsoi, a dedicated sculptress and national artist who had a magical talent for depicting human movements, especially those of children. Her works are forceful and lively, with messages from Eastern philosophies. She meant the garden to be a place of meditation and beauty. The sculptures are placed in a lush and beautifully landscaped garden.

Suan Samphran

Known among foreigners as the Rose Garden, this well-established resort features a conventional English garden on the river, along with an orchid, a model Thai village, Thai art and culture, and an elephant ride through the village. Besides, there is accommodation in typical Thai houses and a five-star hotel on the Nakhon Chai Si River, plus a well laid-out golf course and live musical performance, on festive occasions. The resort is ideal for a family vacation, and it is open everyday. Entrance fees are 20 baht for an adult and 10 baht for a child.

Wat Rai Khing

An old temple on the bank of the Nakhon Chai Si River, renovated in the reign of King Mongkut, Rama IV, with a Buddha image in the Ayutthaya style brought down to preside in the prayer hall. The revered image has become know as the Buddha of Wat Rai Khing. Fine murals can be observed in the prayer hall. The river in front of the temple is teeming with fish, a favourite place for people to relax and throw food crumbs to the marine animals whose lives and safety are protected by the temple.
nakhon chai si river
nakhon chai si river

Sam Phran Elephant Show Crocodile Farm

Open everyday from 8.00 am. to 5.30 pm. The spacious ground covers more than 100 rai, or 40 acres. In the area, one can find a small zoo, a delightful orchid, and large crocodile ponds with thousands of both fresh water and salt water crocodiles. Demonstrations of crocodile handling are on show, along with elephant shows and elephant rides through the area. Entrance fees for foreigners are 350 baht for an adult and 250 baht for a child.


Wat Tha Phut

A temple from the Ayutthaya Period, renovated in the early Rattanakosin Period. Of special interest ate a Chulamani (topknot) pagoda, a rare structure, and a temple museum located on the lower floor of the scripture hall, with the display of utensils and household items from the past, and the old study hall built in the Fifth Reign, in fine architectural style.

Don Wai Floating Market

In operation everyday from 6.00 am. to 6.00 pm., Don Wai Floating Market is famous for delectable food such as duckling and fish-based dishes cooked in traditional styles, as well as sweetmeats. Several food shops and eateries are on rafts. Visitors can satisfy not only their palette, but also their other senses, by means of making merit, and taking a boat ride on the Nakhon Chai Si River, branching out in four directions, with well-informed guides. Food und drinks are available on board or can be bought at the flouting market for the trip. The routes are delightful, with the peaceful river, gentle breezes, and lush green banks adorned with tropical fruits such as pomelo, guava, jackfruit, rose apple, mango, and coconut, intersperse with fine old houses and temples. A stop can be made at the large fishpond in front of a temple, to feed the tame fish with food crumbs, before coming back to Wat Don Wai to shop for decorative and flowering plants, food, and household items for souvenirs.
nakhon chai si river
nakhon chai si river

Palace College and Museum of Ten Schools of Thai Crafts

Open to visitors to observe the traditional training of Thai craftspeople, in mother-of-pearl inlay, painting, sculpting, and fruit and vegetable carving from November 15 to July 15 the following year. There is also a museum that exhibits selected works produced by the trainees, and a building where the works are put on sale as souvenirs.

Siri Herb Garden

The garden is situated in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Salaya Campus. It is open to visitors, Monday to Friday, 8.30 am. – 4.30 pm. The lush garden on an area of 38 rai, 15.6 acres, is a depository feral plants in a pleasant surrounding, with a collection of herbs from various regions for in-depth study.


Built as the centre of Buddhist studies and religious ceremonies, the place is marked by a huge Buddha in walking posture, Phra Si Sakkaya Thotsaphonyan displayed in an open space and can be seen from afar. The vast complex of 2,500 rai, about 1,000 acres, is well landscaped, as a retreat for Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. On any given day, a large number of devotees come to pray, to make offerings, and to listen to sermons, and relax with their families in the peaceful surroundings, feeding fish or watching birds, while youngsters run around or ride their bicycles.

Utthayan Road (Aksa Road)

Known as one of the most beautiful roads in the country, or even the world, it runs directly towards the Phutthamonthon. In the evening, the road is lit up by lamps on the swan posts lining both sides. Makeshift food stalls selling popular Ian delicacies and grilled food are put up on the roadside, with several Thai food shops opened in the orchid farms and open fields along the road, making it a popular vacation spot on weekends.



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