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Bangkok - Nonthaburi


Bangkok, Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya, the great river of the Kingdom of Siam, has forged the abundance of the land and sustained riverine communities of the Central Plains, bringing forth three royal capitals, Ayutthaya, Thon Buri, and Rattanakosin.

Viewing the Grand Palace and Wang Lang

Rattanakosin Island on the left bank of the Chao Phraya River is famous for the national heritage of its fine arts and architecture. The tour starts from Chang Pier, passing Na Phra Lan Road to the Grand Palace, the sanctuary of elaborate royal structures, including the royal temple, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, where the most significant Buddha image, carved from a huge piece of jade is enshrined, and the murals depicting the Ramayana are featured on the gallery. A detour can be made via Na Phra That Road, with a pleasant stroll to view the European-style shop-houses around Chang Pier and Na Phra Lan Road, followed by a visit to the Art Gallery of Silpakom University and the Silpa Bhirasri Memorial National Museum. One can then proceed to the Phra Chan Pier and take a shuttle boat to cross the river to the Wang Lang - Phran Nok Pier, located in Wang Lang Lane, where food, clothes, and commodities are offered at low prices. Lying within walking distance is Wat Rakhang Khositaram, where the over 200-year old triplex scripture hall and lacquered and gilded scripture cabinet are on view. Crossing back, a walk past Thammasat University takes one to the National Museum of Bangkok, where national treasures are display in the various royal halls, formerly the royal residence of the viceroy. From the National Museum, take a further walk past the National Theatre, the Tourism Division of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, to Phra Athit Pier.
viewing the grand palace and wang lang

From Phra Athit Pier to Bang Lamphu

In the past, the riverside area on Phra Athit Road was the site for palaces of princes in the Fourth Reign. Such structures remain and can be observed, including the Maliwan Mansion, now the regional head office of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The structure was designed by an Italian architect, and completed in 1917. Also of interest is Chao Phraya Mansion, formerly the palace of Prince Sathit Thamrongsawat, and later occupied by His Highness Prince Khamrop, who headed the Metropolitan Police in the Sixth Reign, as well as Phra Athit Mansion, formerly the residence of Chao Phraya Woraphongphiphat, M.R. Yen Issarasena, a high-ranking official during the fifth to the Seventh Reigns, and later turned into the Thai German Cultural Institute, which includes the Goethe Institute, but it is now a private firm's office. The pleasant evening riverside stroll ends at the Santi Chaiprakan Park, established in commemoration of His Majesty the King's auspicious sixth-cycle birthday in 1999, with the Santi Chaiprakan Royal Hall situated on the riverbank. Not far from the royal hall, one finds the last remaining lamphu plant of the area, and a sculpture entitled "Lifestyle of Bang Lamphu," telling the history of the ancient community from the Ayutthaya Period to the Seventh Reign of Bangkok. Also in the area is the Phra Sumen Fort, one of the two remaining forts originally built around Rattanakosin Island.
viewing the grand palace and wang lang
from phra athit pier to bang lamphu
from phra athit pier to bang lamphu
touring chinatown

Touring Chinatown

From Ratchawong Pier, one can take a stroll to view the old Western-style buildings, houses, and shop-houses in the Talat Noi area, and walk along Ratchawong Road, up to the Chinatown area at the edge of Yaowarat Road. A visit to the first Chinese Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Wat Mangkon Kamalawat, is in line, followed by a wander through small alleys, such as Soi Issaranuphap, the wholesale market for fish and high-quality seafood. There are also fruits, food offerings for Chinese festivals, vegetables from China, seasoning materials, and dried and canned food, also from China. One can sample tea or coffee at the traditional coffee shops or try Chinese dishes at one of the original restaurants of Yaowarat on Phat Sai Road, and, if time permits, walk further towards Sampheng and Phahurat or Little India, the textile market, where Indian food and spices are also available.

Wat Paramaiyikawat

One of the most significant art objects in the temple is the Maha Raman Pagoda (1), a Mon style pagoda at the back of the temple hall, built at the command of King Rama V, as a replica of the Mutao Pagoda in Hanthawadi, the capital of the Mon Kingdom in Myanmar. The Temple Hall (2), meanwhile, is decorated with materials from Italy, which was the trend in the fifth Reign, and features murals in Western-style painting, with perspectives. The Temple Museum (3) has rare Mon art objects on display; namely the elaborate, well-rounded metal carvings for the pagoda top, and paperwork as decorations for coffins, such as those of senior monks. On the steps leading to the museum, one finds large earthen jars made by craftspeople of Ko Kret in 1925. The museum opens on Saturdays and Sundays.


Tours: Programme 1 - Taking a Boat Ride to Inspect Temples and the Mon Community of Ko Kret (half-day)

The tour takes visitors around the island, observing houses and significant  temples of the Mon community from the boat, enjoying the lush greenery, with a stop at the Dessert Canal, and a stroll along the famous earthenware trail of Ko Kret, and a delicious meal of local Mon dishes before leaving.

Programme 2 - Cruising Khlong Bangkok Noi, Touring Rattanakosin Island (fun-day)

The cruise starts early in the morning, taking tourists along the well shaded Khlong Bangkok Noi, to enjoy shopping and a delightful luncheon at the Taling Chan Floating Market. Heading back to Bangkok in the afternoon, the river trip ends at Chang Pier. The afternoon is devoted to the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Ramayana murals in the surrounding balcony, and various royal buildings in the Grand Palace. By late afternoon, a tour of Rattanakosin Island by tramway is provided, lasting half an hour. The tour concludes with dinner at selective food shops and restaurants around Na Phra Lan, Phra Chan Pier, and Chang Pier, or proceeds to Khao San Road for its famed night-life.


Chao Phraya River Cruise

The Chao Phraya Express Boat operates daily from Wat Ratchasingkhon Pier to Nonthaburi Pier (up to Pak Kret during rush hours). The first boat leaves the pier at 6.00 am., the last at 6:40 pm. The contact number is 0-2222-5330.

Canal Tours in Bangkok and Nonthaburi

Tour packages and boats for hire are offered at Chang-Wang Na Pier, from the Mit Chao Phraya Company, Tel. 0-2225-6179, 0-2623-6169; at River City Pier, from the Si Phraya Trip and Boat Company, Tel. 0-2412-0207, 0-2412-7664, and the Chao Phraya Chartered Company, Tel. 0-2622-7657-61 ext. 11 and at Maharat Pier, the Chao Phraya Express Boat Company, Tel. 0-2623-6001-3 ext. 100-2. A long-tailed boat can be hired at about 400 baht an hour.

Khlong Bang Khu Wiang Tour

From Wat Chalo Pier in Amphoe Bang Kruai, or Nonthaburi Pier, a trip of about 45 minutes can be made. Also, a boat can be hired at Chang Pier in Bangkok, using the route Khlong Bangkok Noi - Khlong Om - Khlong Bang Khu Wiang, taking about an hour.

Touring Khlong Bangkok Noi

Boats are available on the Bangkok Noi - Bang Yai route, from Chang Pier, during 6.30 am - 9.00 pm. One trip costs 30 baht, taking about 50 minutes.
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khlong tour nonthaburi
khlong tour nonthaburi

Gifts and Souvenirs, Food Services

Gifts and Souvenirs

Throughout the cruising route, there are uncountable food and souvenir shops to be chosen from. Their major convergence points are at Sala Nam Ron Market, Taling Chan Floating Market, and Wat Saeng Siritham Floating Market. Moreover, original production sites in old areas offer delicacies and craft items such as the Kudi Chin cake at Santa Cruz Church Community, bronze ware at Ban Bu, processed food by Farm Housewives Group of Bang Rak Noi, Thai dessert and sweetmeats at the Dessert Canal, and earthenware of Ko Kret.

Food Services

There are several riverside restaurants that operate a river cruise with dinner within Bangkok, such as Khanapnam, Tel. 0-2433-6611, Riverside Hotel, Tel. 0-2434-0900; Yok Yor, Tel. 0-2282-7385; Loi Nawa, Tel. 0-2437-4932, 0-2437-7329, For Bangkok - Ayutthaya route, there are services offered by the Oriental Hotel, Moreover, there are all kinds of fine food offered in the old area, such as in the neighbourhood of Silpakorn University, Chang Pier, in alleys at Phra Chan Pier, Phran Nok-Wamg Lang, Phra Athit Road, Bang Lamphu, Khao San Road, Thewet, and Yaowarat. On a visit to Ko Kret, one should not miss local dishes, especially those made of young coconut shoots, and various sweetmeats in the Dessert Canal.
  boat tour around ko kret

Travel Tips

Boat Tour around Ko Kret

One can take a shuttle boat from Wat Sanam Nuea to the Wat Paramaiyikawat Pier. Long-tailed boats are available for the tour around the island. Each boat accommodates 8 persons, or chartered at 500 baht for round trip, 700 baht with a stopover at the Dessert Canal. Small boats can be hired from Pak Kret into the Dessert Canal at 150 - 200 baht per trip.

Khlong Bang Yai Tour

From Nonthaburi Pier, there are flat-bottomed boats operating on the Nonthaburi - Khlong Om - Khlong Yai route. Passengers pay 6 baht for a trip of about 15 to 20 minutes.



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