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The City on Water, a World Heritage Site


Riding a Bicycle or a Trishaw through the Old City

Riding a bicycle or a three-wheeler is an ideal way to get to the ruins of the old capital city of Ayutthaya and have a stroll. Bicycles are available for hire at 50 baht each, from the area of the Tourist Police post, near the TAT office, everyday. The bicycles must be returned before 7:00 p.m. The bicycle trail starts from the Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre, through Rotchana Road to the T-junction, where it is crossed by Si Sanphet Road. In the front is the original city hall, now used as the Ayutthaya Information Centre and the Tourism Authority of Thailand Ayutthaya Office. One rides past the circle and Khum Khun Phaen, Wat Phra Ram to Phra Mongkhon Bophit Hall, Wat Phra Si Sanphet, and the Old Royal Palace. After lunch, one rides along the D-Thong Road to Wat Na Phra Men, taking the side road to Wat Mae Nang Pluem and Wat SamWihan, ending at the Elephant Kraal. Those who find the afternoon sun too harsh can opt to ride a motorized three-wheeler with a frog-like front, or "Tuk Tuk," identified with the old capital. It accommodates 8 passengers, at a cost of 200 baht per hour, going along D-Thong Road, which runs around the city island. Also, pedal-driven trishaws are available in front of the Ayutthaya Historical Park, at 50 baht per person. A round-trip through the Historical Park takes about 20 minutes.
riding a bicycle

Observing Fine Architecture and Folk Crafts

Ayutthaya, as a royal capital of 417 years, is a depository of unique Thai architecture, even in ruins. One can observe the national treasure on different trails within the City Island area, or travel down river to view the "East Meets West" architectural style at Bang Pa-In, created in the reign of King Rama V of The Rattanakosin Era. Nearby is the centre of folk arts and crafts from all regions in Thailand, at the Bang Sai Folk Arts and Crafts Centre, Bang Sai District.

Wehat Chamrun Royal Hall,

features decorations as in a Chinese royal residence.

Withun Thatsana Tower,

a three-storey tower, built as a look-out site for the Bang Pa-In Summer Palace.

Memorial to Queen Sunantha Kumarirat,

the first queen of the Fifth Reign, who was drowned when the royal barge she was travelling in capsized on the way to Bang Pa-In Summer Palace.
      bang pa in    

Warophat Phiman Rayal Hall,

originally the royal residential quarters of King Mongkut, Rama IV, rebuilt at the command of King Rama V in the Western style.

Utthayan Phumisathien Royal Hall,

built at a two-storey wooden building in the style of a Swiss chalet. The interior reflects French design. It was built in the Fifth Reign. The present structure was rebuilt in the year 1994.

Aisawan Thipphaya At Royal Hall,

an open hall in the middle of the reflecting pond, modelled after the Aphonphimok Royal Hall in the Grand Palace, built at the command of King Rama V in 1876.

Hem Monthian Thewarat Hall,

modeled after a Khmer pagoda, situated at the site of the shrine originally built by local people for King Prasatthong of Ayutthaya.

Royal Resort of Bang Pa-In Where East Meets West

The island was originally called Ko Ban Len. King Prasatthong of Ayutthaya had a royal residence built for his visit to the island in 1632, with a temple, Wat Chumphon Nikayaram, established. After the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767, the palace was deserted. King Mongkut, Rama IV, had a royal residence built. King Chulalongkorn had a summer palace built at the site in his reign and sojourned there almost every year. A special railway station was put up for the royal party, and it has been maintained in its original condition.


Programme 1 : Bang Pa-In – Bang Sai – Wat Phai Lom (one-day tour)

The tour leaves by boat from Tha Chang Wang Luang, to Bang Sai Folk Arts and Crafts Centre, for a visit to the basketry workshop and the freshwater fish collection, before leaving for Bang Pa-In Summer Palace. Take time to appreciate the word-renowned palace on water, with fascinating stories attached to various structures, with a glimpse of Wat Niwet Tharnmaprawat in Gothic style. After lunch, at leisure, the boat takes visitors to Wat Phai Lom, Pathum Thani Province, to view the migrating open-billed storks taking refuge at the temple from cold weather in the northern hemisphere, and then returns to Bangkok.

For more information, contact the Mit Chao Phraya Express Boat Company, Tel.0-2225-6179, and the Chao Phraya Express Boat Company for the trips from Maharat Pier, Tel.0-2623-6001-3 ext 101, 106.

Programme 2 : Ko Mueang-Khlong Rang Chorakhe (two days lone night)

The whole day is spent on the city island, with breakfast at the Chao Phrom or Hua Ro Market. A boat ride is then provided around the city, with visits to exhibitions at the Ayutthaya Historical Study Centre and the treasures and artifacts on display at the Chao Sam Phraya National Museum. By the end of the day, a visit is paid to Wat Rang Chorakhe, to pay respect to the Big Buddha, before taking a boat ride on Khlong Rang Chorakhe, viewing ancient Thai houses and communities on both banks.

The evening is spent at a home, with a home-cooked dinner and warm hospitality. Early next morning, take part in offering food to Buddhist monks on boats, and while away the morning hours bathing in the canal, paddling a boat, fishing, or learning to make Thai sweetmeats, before heading for the city to shop for souvenirs.

the Bang Sai Folk Arts and Crafts Centre, Bang Sai District, Ayutthaya

Accommodation, Food Services, Souvenirs

Accommodation :

• Krung Si River Hotel, Rotchana Road, Tel.0-3524-4333;
• Cathay, U-Thong Road, Thai Thai Bungalow, Naresuan Road, Tel.0-3524-4702
• Ayothaya Riverside, Pa Kho Road (at the entrance to the Railway Station), Tel.0-3523-4873-7
• Ban Suan Guesthouse Chakkaphat Road, Tel.0-3524-2394.
• My house Guesthouse, Rotchana Road (near the Ratchathani Hospital), Tel.0-3533-5493-4
• Suan Luang Building, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University, Rotchana Road, Tel.0-3524-5537
• Wiang Fa, Rotchana Road, Tel.0-3524-3252
• Ayothaya Hotel, Municipality Road 2, Tel.0-3525-2250
• U-Thong Inn, Rotchana Road, Tel.0-3524-2262-9.

Food Services

Restaurants: Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya
• District – Kanthiracha, Maharat Road, Tel.0-3524-5685
• Khrua Taen, U-Thong Road, Tel.0-3524-1375
• Khum Khun Mueang, Rotchana Road, Tel.0-3521-1070
• Chitchai Suki, Rotchana Road, Tel.0-3524-1434, 0-3524-4330, 0-3524-3974
• Chai Nam, U-Thong Road, Tel.0-3525-2013
• Taphien Ngoen, Suan Luang Building, Rotchana Road, Tel.0-3524-5697
• Tamnak Kaeo, Chai Mongkhon Road 5, Tel.0-3524-5150-1
• Saithong River, U-Thong Road, Tel.0-3524-1449, 0-3524-4575
• Ban U-Thong, U-Thong Road, Tel.0-3521-1294
• Thewarat Food Raft, behind the railway station, Tel.0-3524-1597, 0-3524-4124, 0-3524-4224
• Krung Kao Raft, Tel 0-35241555, 0-3524-3455, 0-3524-5771
• Kung Luang Farm, Asian Highway, Tel.0-3524-3588
• Moradok Thai, Rotchana Road, Tel.0-3524-3342
• Ruean Thai Mai Suai Tel.0-3524-5977
• Ruean Raprong, U-Thong Road, Tel.0-3524-3090
• Sakaewan, Wat Pa Kho Road, Tel.0-3524-5569
• Amphoe Sena - Chung Service 2, Riverside Road, Tel.0-3520-1185
• Chao Pao Rim Nam, Sena Sub-district; Tel.0-3520-1241
• Chung Seng, Sena Sub-district, Tel.0-3520-1728


Thai Musical Instruments: Ngam Khet Shop, next to Wat Krasang, Thanu Sub-district; Amphoe Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya; Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Ware: Phon Prasoet, Ban Hua Laem Market, Tha Wasnkri Sub-district; Classical Masks: M.R. Charunsawat Snksawat, Ban Hua Laem Market, Tha Wasnkri Sub-district; Earthen Pots, Ceramics: By Khlong Sa Bua, next to Wat Na Phra Men; Folk Dolls: Khun Sudchai Charoensnk, 40 Village 11, Kramang Sub-district; Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District; Woven Barb (Pla Tapian) Mobiles: Rattanachai Barbs, Rotchana Road; Knives: So Aranyik: Cultural Centre, Ton Pho and Phai Nong Villages, Tha Chang Sub-district. Woven Farmers' Hats: Nang Ra Village, Amphoe Bang Pahan; Sugar Fibers in Roti: On U-Thong Road, around Ayutthaya city island.

Travel Tips

To Hua Ro Market: From Bangkok, there are several routes to take to the city island of Ayutthaya:

Route 1: Follow Highway 1 (Phahonyothin Highway) passing through Rangsit, Pratu Nam Phra In (“water gate"), and Wang Noi, turning into Ayutthaya on the Ayutthaya Wang Noi Road, about 80 kilometres in distance.

Route 2: Via the Asian Highway, Highway 32, passing the Rangsit – Phahonyothin intersection at Pratu Nam Phra In, turning towards Ayutthaya at kilometre 71, going further on the Rotchana Road for about 4 kilometres to reach Ayutthaya City, a total distance of about 72 kilometres.

Route 3: Take Highway 309 Bangkok - Nonthaburi - Bang Sai Folk Arts and Crafts Centre – Ayutthaya.

Route 4: Follow Highway 311, Bangkok - Nonthaburi – Pathum Thani - Sena (Ban Phaen) to Ayutthaya, a total distance of about 105 kilometres.

Route 5: Follow Highway 304, Bangkok - Lat Lum Kaeo, turning into Ayutthaya at Ban Sali, Bang Pla Ma District, Suphan Boo Province, into Ayutthaya by Pridi Thamrong Bridge going further on the U-thong Road to reach Hua Ro Market.

To Wat Rang Chorakhe: From the city area, use Highway 3263 to kilometre 16, taking a left turn into Sena District, passing Wat Sam Ko, the Land Office, and Ban Phaen Market, turning left at the intersection with tile dyke ramp, passing Rang Chorakhe Village, turning right and going straight over the bridge across the canal. Wat Rang Chorakhe is on the left.

  river cruises

Boat Embarkation

For the cruise around the city island, boats can be hired at the pier behind Hua Ro Market or Chao Phrom Market. For half a day, the fee is about 500-600 baht, or from Ayutthaya Boat & Travel Company, Tel.0-2950-2822, or call Khun Natthaphak at 0-94563700. Moreover, private boat companies offer boat tours to Ayutthaya from Bangkok; to Contact the Chao Phraya Express Boat Company for the trips from Maharat Pier, call 0-2623-6001 ext. 101, 106 for the Oriental Queen, from Oriental Pier, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Tel.0-2236-0400-9; or the River Sun Cruise, from River City Pier, Tel.0-2266-9316

For The Khlong Rang Chorakhe tours, start from Wat Rang Chorakhe. Tour boats and homestay services can be arranged through Police Sergeant Roengchai Rerkbuppha at 08-9881-1042 or Khun Daorueang Rerkbuppha at 08-1251-8058.

river cruises  

Suggestions for River Cruises

Dry season is recommended, as rains could disrupt the journey, or wreak havoc. Cruising in Summer is pleasant, especially during the Songkran (Thai New Year) period in April. Also cool days towards year-end are delightful, with added spectacles as boat races, and the Loi Krathong Festival.


• Check weather conditions before taking a trip. On certain routes, it is necessary to check the ebb and high tide beforehand for safety and convenience.
• See to it that the boat is the right size for the trip and not overloaded.
• Wear lightweight, tumble-dry clothes and open shoes. Prepare hats, sun-shades, and windbreaker jackets (for cool days).
• Get watertight plastic bags for cameras and other equipment.
• Wear a life vest or get hold of a lifesaver in case of accidents.
• Food items for the trip should be easy to take along. Garbage must be disposed of on shore, not thrown into the waterways.
• In case of falling overboard, swim back towards the boat or the shore.
• Do not travel during rain or storms.
• Avoid moving or running around on the boat while it is travelling.
• Boat tours should not be conducted at night.



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