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Attractions in Trang province in Thailand

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South of Krabi, the province of Trang is something of a mid point, figuratively speaking, an up-and-coming tourism destination that has yet to achieve the status of Krabi or Phuket. It is also distinguished by offering both coastal and inland attractions.

With a coastline of nearly 200 km. and more than 46 offshore islands, Trang's prime marine attractions are cruising the coastal waters, visiting such notable sights as Tham Morakot or Emerald Cave along with excellent opportunities for snorkeling and scuba-diving. Then, for a change of scenery, inland excursions are equally rewarding, with a lush and hilly landscape dotted with caves and waterfalls.

The area is also of considerable historical interest, most notable as the place where, in 1899, rubber trees were first introduced to Thailand and so began the cultivation of what has become one of the South's major commodities. Currently less developed than other parts of the Andaman coast, Trang also retains much of its local character and so affords good insights into traditional southern lifestyles.


Sunset at Hat Pak Meng



Koh Muk



Koh Kradan



Koh Libong



Koh Lao Liang Nong



Tham Morakot


Climate in Trang

The best time to visit is between November to April although Trang's waterfalls are at their most spectacular towards the end of the rainy season in September and October.

Beaches & islands in Trang

Hat Pak Meng

Located 39 km. from Trang town, this is a marvelous and mostly deserted-sandy beach stretching for 7 km. around a lovely bay, the seascape is made dramatic by several offshore limestone outcrops. Pak Meng Pier has boats for all famous tourist destinations.

Hat Chang Lang

South of Pak Meng, Chang Lang is a similarly attractive beach set within Chao Mai National Park.

Hat San & Yong Ling

Continuing south, these beaches are distinguished by the natural beauty of rugged cliffs and a mountain with caves.

Hat Chao Mai

The pine-fringed beach, backed by limestone hills with caves, has added attractions of simple restaurants with excellent seafood, a ferry to Koh Libong, and sea canoes for hire.

Hat Samran

Hat Samran is a splendid beach with a tranquil setting, reached via Yantakhao, south of Trang town.

Koh Ngai

Here the sandy strand is complemented by a beachfront restaurant. The island is one of a kind, with bungalow accommodation. It can he reached via boat from Pak Meng Pier.

Koh Muk

The most famous of Trang's offshore islands is Koh Muk and its major attraction Tham Morakot, which can only be entered by swimming through a 80-metre dark tunnel at low tide. The roof of the cave has collapsed and once inside visitors will be enchanted by the sunlit lagoon scenery and sandy beach surrounded by 360 degrees of sheer cliffs. It can be reached via boat from Pak Meng Pier.

Koh Kradan

Widely regarded as the most beautiful of the islands that are part of Hat Chao Mai National Marine Park. Koh Kradan has rubber and coconut plantations, as well as beaches and coral reefs. On the side, facing Koh Muk is a reasonable diving site. It can be reached via boat from Pak Meng Pier.

Koh Sukon

Also known as Ku Mu, the island is a quiet place with fine beaches, while the waters around offer good conditions for diving and snorkeling. It can be reached by boat from Paliean.

Koh Libong

This is Trang's largest island with reasonable beaches and several fishing villages where a traditional lifestyle is maintained. It can be reached by boat from Kantang of Hat Chao Mai.


Caves & waterfalls in Trang

Tham Le

Situated 37 km. north of Trang town, this thrilling cave is explored by boat. At times, the ceiling is very low and the rocky sides close by; at other spots the cave opens up and visitors can leave the boat to explore small chambers with stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Tham Khao Pina

Located in the same direction from town as Tham Le, this is a series of six caves that enshrine Buddha images.

Tham Phra Phnt

Located in the northeast of the province in Amphoe Huai Yot, this cave has several Buddha images. most notably a large reclining statue dating from the Ayutthaya period.

Tham Khao Chang Hai

East of Trang town in Amphoe Nayong, this is one of the largest and finest caves in the province, most impressive for its variety of rock formations.

Namtok Ton Te

Located 46 km. southeast of Trang town, Ton Te is the province's largest waterfall, tumbling an impressive 320 metres down a forested hillside. A path leads up the hill and the climb is well worthwhile.

Namtok Ton Tok

Situated in the same vicinity as Ton Te, these falls are smaller but extremely picturesque in a lush green setting.

Namtok Sai Rung

Located off Highway 4125 at the 12 km. marker, Sai Rung is noted for its rainbow effect as the sun catches the water cascading over a steep rock face.

Namtok Phrai Sawan

Just 3 km. away from Sai Rung, Phrai Sawan is a 7-tier waterfall that has a clear pool at its base suitable for swimming.

Khao Chong Wildlife & Nature Education Station

There are two pretty waterfalls, Ton Yai and Ton Plio, in this nature reserve situated 20 km. east of Trang town. The whole area is extremely attractive and easily accessed by a number of walking trails.


Other attractions in Trang

Khlong Lamchan Waterfowl Park

Located off the Trang-Phatthalung Highway at the 17 km. marker, this wetland area is a protected habitat for teal, ducks and other native and migratory waterfowls.

Monument of Phraya Rasdanupradit Mahissara Phakdi

Located 1 km. out of town on the road to Phatthalung, this is the monument of an important ruler of Trang who first initiated the idea of growing rubber plants in Trang. Nearby is Kraphang Surin, a broad lagoon where the surroundings are suitable for relaxation.

Mueang Trang

While offering no monumental sights, Trang town is full of character, still very traditional and mostly unchanged in its quiet ways. City sights as such do not extend much beyond a handful of Buddhist and Chinese temples, and instead Trang depends its charm on its own sure sense of identity. In culinary terms, the town is famous for its crispy roast pork, mu yang, and its strong southern-style coffee, ko-pi.

Sporting opportunities in Trang

Scuba-diving & Snorkeling

Trips can be arranged through local tour agencies. For the best diving site, water is much clearer in the offshore islands.

Bull Fighting

This is a popular local spectator sport, with bull against bull. Neither men nor animals get killed.


Special events in Trang

Food Festival

Trang celebrates its culinary traditions with a cake festival in August and a festival devoted to roast pork in September, marked by parades, fairs and entertainments.

Vegetarian Festival

Held usually in October, is a festival of Chinese origin. It is celebrated over nine days and features ceremonies at local Chinese temples and parades during which devotees perform remarkable feats of self-mortification.

Accommodation in Trang

The best hotels are in Trang town, while bungalow accommodation is available on some of the islands. More details can be obtained from the Trang Tourism Coordination Centre
TeI.  0 7521 5867-8

Shopping in Trang

Souvenirs from Trang include yan liphao, handbags and purses made from finely split jungle vines, nang talung and traditional shadow puppets.




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