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Attractions in Satun province in Thailand

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Satun is a small province on the west coast bordering the Malaysian state of Perlis, beside the Andaman Sea. Satun is notable for an archipelago of beautiful islands, verdant forests and mountainous terrain.

The majority of the population is Muslim. The province is 973 km. from Bangkok and has an area of 2,478 sq km. with 80 km. of coastline. Mangrove forests line parts of the coast and there are more than 100 offshore islands, notably Koh Tarutao


Ku Den Museum



TaruTao National Park



Koh Tarutao



Koh Khai



Koh Khai



Koh Li Pe



Koh Khai



Thale Ban National Park



Hat Bulon



Koh Li Pe


City attractions in Satun

Satun Central Mosque

Located in the town centre. It is in modern style with marble and coloured glass.

Ku Den Museum

Located on SatunThani Road. This was built in 1902 by a Penang architect as the city hall, in the Straits Chinese style. It exhibits local arts and culture.

Khao To Phaya Wang Park

Situated on a small limestone hill, with a cave, a brook and bamboo groves. Mats and snacks are available. Fine views of ricefields and coconut groves can be seen.


Out of city attractions in Satun

Laem Tan Yong Po and Hat Sai Yao

This headland has a white sandy beach lined with coconut groves and a fishing village.

Tarutao National Park

Tarutao National Park is an archipelago of 51 islands in the Andaman Sea off Satun's coast. Its three largest islands are Koh Tarutao, Koh Adang and Koh Rawi. It was declared an Asean Heritage Park and Reserve in 1982. The best time to visit is from November to April.

TaruTao National Park


Koh Tarutao

This is the biggest island in the park at 152 sq km. The island features forests, waterfalls, streams, caves and protected wildlife such as dolphins, dugongs and sea turtles. Beaches and bays abound on the island. The pier and park office are at Ao Phante Malaka. Khlong Phante Malaka winds through mangrove forests in the centre of the island and provides access by long-tail boat to Tham Jara-Ke (Crocodile Cave). The 300-metre cave has a walking trail and lights for viewing stalactites and stalagmites.

Pha To Bu, a 60 m. cliff, is a lookout point with views over surrounding islands. Tarutao was once a prison island, like Devil's Island in the filming of Papillon in the 1970s. The Penitentiary Memorial comprises the two former jails; Ao Talo Udang Prison and Ao Talowao Prison. Island wildlife includes langur, wild pig and macaque. Dolphins and whales swim in the sea and turtles such as the hawksbill lay eggs on the beaches.

Koh Adang lies 40 km. east of Koh Tarutao. The 30 sq km. island possesses beautiful sandy beaches and coral reefs. Koh Adang is mountainous and forested and has year-round waterfalls. At Pha Chado, there is a lookout point with superb views, once used by pirates. Koh Hin Ngam is a tiny island southwest of Koh Adang with beaches of shiny black pebbles. Koh Rawai lies close by Koh Adang to the east and is a little smaller. It also has white sandy beaches and coral reefs with good diving and snorkelling. Koh Li Pe lies 2 km. south of Koh Adang and is home to a sea gypsy village. The island offers coral reefs, a beautiful bay and a white sandy beach. Koh Khai lies midway between Koh Tarutao and Koh Adang. It has coral reefs and the natural stone arch which is somewhat of a symbol of Tarutao National Park.



Activities in Satun

Trail Walking

There are two walking trails. A 12 km. trail leads from the park office at Ao Phante Malaka through verdant forest to Ao Talowao. Various tree types, animals like wild boar and mouse deer, and birds, notably hornbills, may be seen. An 8 km. trail goes from Ao Ma Lae to Ao Son, passing through virgin forest where various birds are found.

Boat Rides

The park provides longtail boat services with guides for touring the beaches. Attractions include birdwatching at Ao Chak, the long white sand beach at Ao Son, the historical trail at Ao Talo Udang, the natural beauty of Ao Talowao and mangrove forests. For more information, contact the park office. Diving is popular around Papillon Califfs, at Ao San and in the channel between the island and Koh Takiang due to the variety of fish and the coral colour and formations.

Diving and Snorkelling

This is particularly good around Koh Cha Bang with its light flower coral. Deep-water and shallow-water snorkelling for antler and table coral is good around Koh Yang and Koh Kata. Snorkelling for hard coral is good around Koh Adang, Koh Rawi, Koh Kra and Koh Dong.



Accommodation in Satun

Accommdation is available on Koh Tarutao and Koh Adang call 0 7478 345, 0 7472 9002-3. Privately owned accommodation is available on Koh Li Pe.

Koh Phetra National Marine Park

This park consists of a coastline and 22 islands lying between Pak Bara and Koh Tarutao. Beaches, forest, mountains, wildlife and coral are the main features. Koh Khao Yai, the largest island, has pristine beaches suitable for camping, swimming and snorkelling. Koh Lidi Lek offers a white sandy beach, crystal clear water, mangrove forests and various marine animals. Bird's nest gatherers work on nearby Koh Lidi Yai. Koh Bulon Le has white sand beaches and coral reefs. There are fishing villages and private accommodation. Diving and snorkelling is good at Koh Ayam and Koh Hin Khao. At night hermit crabs and smaller crabs populate the beach. The park office is at Ao Nun, 3 km. before Pak Bara Pier. Boats go from the pier to the island, where lodge and tent accommodation is available. For more information in Bangkok call 0 2562 0760.

Thale Ban National Park

This 195 sq km. park lies next to Malaysia and the entrance is about 40 km. northwest of Satun town. Most of the area is mountainous and covered with white meranti rainforest. Wildlife includes mouse deer, serow, tapir, gibbons and macaques. Notable amongst birds are several kinds of hornbill, the red back myna, woodpecker and bulbul. There is also a large swamp which features the frog-like khiat wak, or water dog,
so called because it has a tail and yelps like a dog. Lodge and tent accommodation are available. For more information call 0 7479 7073 or 0 2562 0760.


Special event in Satun

Floating Boat Festival

13th to 15th  days of the waxing moon in May and November On Koh Li Pe for three days and three nights, sea gypsies gather for this traditional celebration. They join in building a special boat to float in the sea in the belief that this will predict their fishing fortunes and to scare away bad luck.

Shopping in Satun

Handicrafts such as artificial floweres, batik and basketry can be bought from the local products centre in Amphoe La-ngu.



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