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Ubon Ratchathani

Attractions > Northeast > Ubon Ratchathani

Attractions in Ubon Ratchathani province in Thailand

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With a total area of 15,517 sq. km., Ubon Ratchathani is the easternmost of the I-san provinces, bordered in the east by the Mekong River and Lao P.D.R. and by Cambodia to the south.

The provincial capital, 629 km. from Bangkok, stands on the banks of the Mun River and is one of the Northeast's largest cities. As a whole, the province is known for its strong Buddhist tradition, and distinctive folk culture witnessed especially in the local cuisine, handicrafts and traditional events such as the annual Candle Festival. The Mun River and the bordering Mekong River provide some picturesque natural scenery.

Wat Thung Si Mueang


Wat Mahawanaram


Wat Phukhao Kaeo


Namtok Saeng Chan


Pha Taem National Park


Rock Paining at Pha Team National Park


Pha Team National Park


Kaeng Saphue


Candle Procession Festival


Candle Procession Festival


Candle Procession Festival


Candle Procession Festival


City attractions in
Ubon Ratchathani

Thung Si Mueang

This open ground in the middle of the city is a recreation area and venue for festive celebrations. The monument of the city's founder is also located here.

Wat Thung Si Mueang

Located on Luang Road, the temple was built in the reign of King Rama III (1824-1851) and is notable for its beautiful ordination hall in the North eastern architectural style, the scripture repository located in the middle of a pond, and the mural paintings.

Wat Si Ubon Rattanaram

This royal temple, on Upparat Road beside the City Hall, has an ordination hall in the same style as that of the Marble Temple in Bangkok, and enshrines the city's most sacred image.

Ubon Ratchathani National Museum

Located on Khuean Thani Road, the museum offers an excellent introduction to the history, art and traditional culture of the province from prehistory to modern times. Open Wednesday-Sunday from 9.00 a.m.- 4.00 p.m.

Wat Chaeng

On Sapphasit Road, this temple boasts one of the oldest ordination halls in the province and is a fine, well-preserved example of Northeastern-style religious architecture.

Wat Mahawanaram

Also on Sapphasit Road, this is another venerable temple enshrining the revered Buddha image of Phra Chao Yai lndra Plaeng.

Wat Supattanaram

Built in 1853, this temple on the bank of the Mun River is remarkable for its ordination hall which blends Thai, Chinese and European architectural styles. The presiding Buddha image is also worthy of note.

Hat Wat Tai

This small sandy island in the middle of the Mun River on the southern edge of town is a popular picnic spot.


Out of city attractions in
Ubon Ratchathani

Wat Ban Na Mueang

Situated 5 km. from town, the temple has a beautiful ordination hall built of ceramics in the shape of the Suphannahong Royal Barge.

Wat Nong Bua

On the outskirts of town along Highway 212, this is a striking, almost exact copy of the famous Mahabodhi stupa in Bodhgaya, India.

Ban Kan Lueang Archaeological Site

Situated at Wat Ban Kan Lueang, 3 km. from town along Highway 212 and right for 2 km. on Highway 2050 for 2 km. The Fine Arts Department excavated the site in 1992 and finds include implements, ornaments, beads, pottery and iron axes, evidence of a settlement that is believed to date back at least 2,000 years.

Hat Khu Duea

This is a river beach area, with thatched pavilions and restaurants, on the banks of the Mun River north of town.

Ban Pa Ao

Located 21 km. from town off Highway 23, this village is more than 200 years old, making it one of the oldest in Ubon Ratchathani, and has a rich tradition of silk weaving and making bronzeware.

Wat Nong Pa Phong

About 6 km. from town, this forest temple and meditation centre was founded by the revered ecclesiastic, the late Achan Cha, who taught Buddhist meditation techniques to many foreigners.

Wat Phukhao Kaeo

Situated on a hillside in Phibun Mangsahan, 43 km. from Ubon Ratchathani along Highway 217, the temple has an ordination hall built entirely from ceramics. Inside are replicas of the Buddha relics found in Thailand.

Kaeng Saphue

This is the most beautiful cataract in Ubon Ratchathani, located on the Mun River near Phibun Mangsahan district office, about 45 km. from town along Highway 217.

Khuean Sirindhorn

Located 70 km. from the provincial capital along Highway 217, the dam, built to generate electricity and to facilitate agriculture, offers a tranquil recreation area.

Chong Mek Checkpoint

This Thai-Lao border post, at the end of the 89-km-long Highway 217, is scheduled to become a major gateway to lndochina, linked via a 38-km. road to Pakse in southern Lao P.D.R.

Kaeng Tana National Park

Reached via Highway 2222, the 20,000 acre national park contains interesting rock formations and waterfalls, notably the attractive Kaeng Tana cataract.

Tham Heo Sin Chai

Located off Highway 2222, about 7 km. before Amphoe Khong Chiam, the cave is a Buddhist centre with a beautiful reclining Buddha image, in front of which a waterfall cascades down a cliff.

Wat Tham Khu Ha Sawan

This temple, on Highway 222 about 6 km. before Amphoe Khong Chiam, was the residence of a revered I-san ecclesiastic, Luang Pu Kam Khaning Chula Mani. The site offers scenic views of the Mekong River and Lao P.D.R.

The Two-coloured River

Here, in Amphoe Khong Chiam, about 84 km. from town, the blue water from the Mun River flows into the muddy brown Mekong River.

Sao Chaliang

Located on Highway 2112, about 11 km. from the office on the route to Pha Taem, Sao Chaliang is a natural formation of rocks forming a mushroom-like shape. Fossilised sea shells, pebbles, and sand grains can be seen in the stone slabs. Geologists believe the area must have been on the seabed about a million years ago.

Pha Taem National Park

Covering an area of 140 sq. km., the park is comprised of a plateau and hills, along with sheer cliffs. Most of the trees are deciduous, while flowering plants grow using the rocky ground. Places of interest within the park include Pha Taem, a cliff face on which can be seen prehistoric rock paintings dating back 3,000-4,000 years.

Tham Muet

Located at Ban Sa Som, this cave, some 4-metres wide and 6-metres high, houses numerous carved Buddha images.

Namtok Soi Sawan, Thung Na Mueang and Saeng Chan

These three cascades, essentially the same waterway at different elevations, are located beside Highway 2112. The first (Soi Sawan) is some 30 km. from Amphoe Khong Chiam. The settings of each are lush and verdant.

Phu Chong-Na Yoi National Park

Accessed some 4 km. from Na Chaluai district office, the 686-sq-km park forms pan of the so-called "Emerald Triangle", a verdant forested area bordering Thailand, Lao P.D.R. and Cambodia. Among the park's features is the scenic Huai Luang Waterfall. There are also opportunities for viewing wildlife at night, especially deer and tigers.


Special events in
Ubon Ratchathani

Kaeng Saphue Songkran Festival

13-15 April
The traditional Thai New Year celebrated in l-san style beside Kaeng Saphue.

Candle Procession Festival

Celebrated on Asalha Puja Day and Khao Phansa (Buddhist Lent) Day, this is the largest religious ceremony in Ubon Ratchathani and focuses on giant beeswax candles made for the lent period with processions, entertainment and religious merit-making.


Shopping in
Ubon Ratchathani

Ubon Ratchathani is noted for its Khit-designed pillows, traditional Pha Khao Ma cloth, silk, fold-up mats, and basketry.



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