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Roi Et

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Attractions in Roi Et province in Thailand

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With its northeast corner bordering Mukdahan and covering an area of about 8,299 sq. km. Roi Et, 512 km. from Bangkok, was once ravaged by floods but is today making a resurgence. Its vast Thung Kula Rong Hai flatlands, formerly regarded as a wasteland, have been developed into fertile and productive agricultural land that is now one of the country's top sources of high-quality rice . The provincial capital is also comparatively new, its focal point being a large artificial lake with a fitness park on an island in the middle. Off the beaten track, Roi Et affords a fresh insight into the life and culture of the Northeast. Website:




Wat Buraphaphiram




Ku Ka Sing




Khaen (I–san musical instrument) Making


City attractions in Roi Et

Bueng Phalan Chai

This large lake. covering 200, is regarded as the symbol of Roi Et, and the park on its central island is the site of the city shrine. It is situated in the heart of Roi Et town as a recreation ground. The lake has several kinds of fish and row-boats for rent.

Roi Et Aquarium

Located near Bueng Phalan Chai, this Aquarium has a line collection of l-san aquatic animals for research purposes. Open from Wednesday to Sunday 8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m. Tel. 0 4351 1286

Wat Klang Ming Mueang

Set on a hill in the town, this venerable temple was the place where people swore allegiance to the king. Its ordination hall dates from the late Ayutthaya period, and its outer wall has a mural depicting the life of Lord Buddha.

Wat Sa Thong

The temple enshrines the revered Buddha image of Luang Pho Phra Sang katchai, which was discovered in 1782 by Phraya Khattiyawongsa, the first ruler of Roi Et, and was designated the province's principal image.

Wat Buraphaphiram

The temple is distinguished by its Buddha image of Phra Phuttha Rattana Mongkhon Maha Muni (locally known as Luang Pho Yai) which, at 59-metres and 20-cm. high, is Thailand's largest statue of the Buddha depicted in the pose of giving blessing. The image was constructed of reinforced concrete. Under the base are several museum chambers. The side of the temple is adjacent to the ancient city moat, and a pavilion housing the spirit of Chao Pho Maha Sakdanuphap, which is highly revered by the people of Roi Et.


Out of city attractions in Roi Et

Prang Ku

Located at War Si Ratanaram in Amphoe Thawatburi, 8 km. from town on Highway No. 23, this was a medical centre built by the ancient Khmer. It comprises the ruins of a main pagoda, a wall, a doorway, and a pool outside the wall. Artefacts. displayed at the site include a sandstone lintel that was once above the doorway of the main pagoda, door columns and the lorus-shaped top part of tile pagoda.

BanWai Luem

25 km. from Roi Et town on the Si Sa Ket-Yasothon route, this village in Amphoe Thawatburi is noted for its silk weaving.

Ku Ka Sing

In Amphoe Kaset Wisai, Ku Ka Sing is a large 11th century Khmer structure consisting of three pagodas mounted on the same base, the latter being decorated with elaborate designs. There are rectangular buildings called "Bannalai" situated in the front

Ku Phra Ko Na

Located 60 km. from town at Tambon Sa Khu in Amphoe Suwannaphum, these are the ruins of an 11th  century Khmer shrine with three brick pagodas aligned north to south on a sandstone base and surrounded by a wall with four gateways. Two of the pagodas have been restored, while the middle one was replastered in the early 20th century and a Buddha footprint shrine added.

Pha Nam Yoi

Located at Ban Khok Klang, northeast of Amphoe Nong Phok and 88 km. from Roi Et town, the park is in an area of thick jungle that teems with wildlife. There are various kinds of hardwood in the forest which are valuable. It is also a habitat for wild boars, barking deer, wild cocks and hens.

Phra Maha Chedi Chaimongkhon

Located at Tambon Pha Nam Yoi, Amphoe Nong Phok and 80 km. from Roi Et town, this elaborate Stupa was designed by the Fine Arts Department. White with dazzling gold, it was built in an l-san architectural design.


Special event in Roi Et

Khao Pun Bun Phawet Fair

Held annually at Bueng Phalan Chai in the first weekend of March, this is a Buddhist merit-making ceremony and activities include a sermon by monks, a procession, cultural performances, and eating Khao Pun (Khanom Chin noodles).


Shopping in Roi Et

Quality and comparatively inexpensive hand-woven silk from Ban Wai Luem, Amphoe Thawatburi, and Khaen (typical Northeastern musical instrument of bamboo pipes) from Ban Si Kaeo near to the town are among Roi Et's best buys.




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