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Attractions in Loei province in Thailand

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Lying directly west of Udon Thani and Nong Khai, Loei is especially scenic. Forming a border between the North and Northeast regions, it is typical of other I-san provinces in being mountainous and having a climate with a wide annual range, hotter than elsewhere in summer and cooler, evencold, in winter. It has, however, one similarity with Nong Khai in that most of its northern border is formed by the Mekong River. Because of the province's geographical and climatic distinctions, the natural scenery is exceptional and much of it is preserved in a number of splendid national parks, which are major tourism attractions. Culturally, Loei blends Northern and Northeastern influences, while its comparative remoteness has allowed for the preservation to a large extend of traditional lifestyles. In size, Loei covers an area of about 11,426 sq. km., and the provincial capital is 520 km. from Bangkok.



Phu Kradueng National Park



Phu Kradueng National Park



Phu Kradueng National Park



Phu Ruea National Park



Phrathat Si Song Rak



Phi Ta Khon Festival



Phi Ta Khon Festival


City attractions in Loei

The city of Loei has little to hold the travelerís interest, although the Chao Pho Kut Pong Shrine, next to the City Pillar, and Chaloem Phra Kiat Public Park, set beside the Loei River, are popular spots for, respectively, worship and relaxation and as such afford an insight into local life.


Out of city attractions in Loei

Chiang Khan

Located on the banks of the Mekong River 48 km. north of Loei, Chiang Khan isa pleasant little town, which draws distinction from its charming riverside setting. Among the sights are two temples of particular note: Wat Si Khun Mueang, which has a northern Thai-style chapel with mural paintings, and Wat Tha Khaek, an ancient temple on the bank of the Mekong River enshrining three granite Buddha images. Also of interest is Kaeng Khut Khu, an islet in the middle of the Mekong River, which makes a picturesque sight in the February to May low-water season.

Phu Kradueng National Park

Situated about 70 km. southeast of Loei on the Loei-Khon Kaen route, Phu Kradueng is one of the province's top attractions. The highest point in the area at 1,325 metres comprises a bell-shaped mountain topped by an extensive plateau. With a temperate-clime pine forest, grassy meadows,
abundance of wild flowers and waterfalls, this is a nature trekker's dream. Please note that the park is open from October to May but closed during the rainy season to preserve the flora and fauna.

Suan Hin Pha Ngam

Located south of Loei town off Highway No. 201 (Loei-Phu Krudueng) some 20 km. from King Amphoe Nong Hin, this limestone mountain has eroded over time to form a fascinating landscape. A path winds through the rocks and also passes two waterfalls, Namtok Suan Hom and Namtok Phiang Din.

Phu Ruea National Park

Rising to 1,365 metres above sea level, this is another picturesque mountain topped by a pine-covered plateau. Other features include viewpoints, waterfalls, rock gardens, caves and several resorts, as well as the huge Chateau de Loei vineyard and winery. Phu Ruea is situated 60 km. west of Loei along Highway No. 203. Contact the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department for more information.
Tel. 0 2562 0760 Website:

Phrathat Si Song Rak

Located at Amphoe Dan Sai on the bank of the Mun River, 83 km. from Loei town, this Chedi was built in 1560 to enshrine holy relics of the Lord Buddha. It is distinguished by its Lao architectural design, and was erected as a gesture of friendship between Ayutthaya and the Lao kingdom of Vientiane.

Phu Luang Wildlife Reserve

Covering 897 sq. km., this is a jungle-clad plateau with a cool climate all year round. Some parts are open to visitors who can follow a 6-km. trail that passes through a pine forest, grass fields, and flower meadows along a rocky plateau. The best time for trekking is from October to May. Visitors must be accompanied by an official guide and prior contact must be made with the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department Tel. 0 2562 0760 Website:

Wat Pho Chai

The temple, at Ban Na Phueng, Amphoe Na Haeo, houses the Phra Chao Ong Saen image (also known as Fon Saen Ha image), which is widely believed to ensure sufficient rains. Also of interest is the chapel itself, which is over 400 years old and its interior is adorned with murals depicting events from the life of the Lord Buddha.

Namtok Tat Huang

Also known as Namtok Thai-Lao, these large falls are located 10 km. off the Na Haeo-Rom Klao route on the way to Bo Mueang Noi. The waterfall originates from the Hueang River, a tributary of the Mekong River, and is set in an area of dense jungle.

Phrathat Satcha

This Lao-style, 33-metre high Stupa lies a few kilometres from the Tha Li Market. It is also worth noting that Amphoe Tha Li as a whole is one of the most beautiful parts of Loei.


Special events in Loei

Dok Fai Ban Makham Wan Mueang Loei Fair

The Fair is held annually in front of the Provincial Hall during Chinese New Year (usually January/February) and is highlighted by a colourful procession in which local cotton products are featured.

Phi Ta Khon Festival

Celebrated in June at Amphoe Dan Sai, this is one of l-san's most intriguing annual events. Essentially, it comprises a merit-making celebration, a sermon and a procession bearing Phra Uppakhut, a rain-inducing Buddha image. However, the real fun and excitement comes from young men and boys re-enacting a local legend, dressed up in colourful ghost masks, and playing pranks.

Dok Mai Mueang Nao Fair

The Fair is held from 30 December to 2 January at Amphoe Phu Ruea and features pageants and stalls selling decorative plants, flowers and agricultural produce.


Shopping in Loei

Products for which Loei is famous are down blankets, sweet coconuts from Amphoe Chiang Khan, and golden oranges, sweet tamarind and fresh mushrooms from Amphoe Na Haeo. In addition, there are the beautiful flowers of Amphoe Phu Ruea.




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