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Attractions in Phrae province in Thailand

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Covering an area of 6,538 square kilometres and with its provincial capital located 551 kilometres north of Bangkok, Phrae is surrounded on all sides by mountains, with level plains in the middle. It is noted for having one of the largest reserves of teak forests in the country. The province has a remote feel about it, although it is easily reached by Highway 101. Phrae town, situated on the Yom River, is an old community, founded slightly after Chiang Mai, and retains much of its traditional character, with quiet streets and a number of old teak houses. Cultural influences blend Lanna, Burmese and Lao styles. Principal interests are both cultural and scenic.


Wat Chom Sawan



Wat Sa Bo Kaeo



Wat Phrathat Cho Hae



Wat Phrathat Chom Chaeng



Phae Mueang Phi Forest Park










City attractions in Phrae

Wat Luang

Most likely dating from the founding of Phrae. Wat Luang is a venerable temple of considerable interest, especially in its large Chiang Sean-style chedi, its image hall and a museum housing several antique Buddha images.

Wat Phra Non

Located west of Wat Luang, near the site of the old city walls, Wat Phra Non dates back some 300 years and enshrines a 9-metre-Iong image of the reclining Buddha. The temple buildings are excellent examples of Lanna architecture, with impressive roofs and fretted eaves.

Wat Phra Bat Ming Mueang

Located on Charoen Nakhon Road, near the town hall, Wat Phra Bat Ming Mueang was built in 1955 by combining two ancient temples. There is an old chedi containing a replica of the Buddha's footprint.

The City Pillar Shrine

Situated on Khun Doem Road in the town centre, the city pillar shrine features an inscription from the Sukhothai period describing the building of a temple in the town.

Wat Chom Sawan

One kilometre from the town hall, on Yantrakit Koson Road, Wat Chom Sawan is an even more impressive Burmese-style temple, characterised by multi-tiered roofs, fine fretwork and elaborately decorated interiors. Antique Buddha images enshrined here include a marble statue and another made from woven bamboo covered in lacquer.

Wat Sa Bo Kaeo

Located on Nam Khu Road, next to the city moat, this temple is distinguished by its Burmese-style architectural features.


Out of city attractions in Phrae

Wat Phrathat Cho Hae

This major religious site is located about 8 kilometres east of town along Highway 1022. The Sukhothai-period temple is famous for its 33-metre-high Chiang Saen-style chedi, built of bricks and covered with bright brass sheets. The name refers to a fine silk cloth woven in Xishuangbanna (in China's Yunnan province), which was used to wrap around the chedi when the temple was first constructed. Enshrined in the temple is the revered Buddha image of Phra Chao Than Chai.

Wat Phrathat Chom Chaeng

Standing 3 kilometres from Wat Phrathat Cho Hae, this temple, built in 788, has a 29-metre-tall golden chedi, which enshrines a holy relic. There is also a museum of rare ancient relics.

Ban Thung Hong

About 4 kilometres from town along Highway 101 is Ban Thung Hong, a village noted for the making of products, especially farmers' shirts, from mo hom, a local cotton fabric dyed a distinctive blue colour.

Phae Mueang Phi Forest Park

Located 12 kilometres out of town along Highway 101 and a further 6 kilometres after a right turn, Phae Mueang Phi literally means "Ghost Land", the name derived from the weird geological phenomenon found here. The area is treeless, and subsidence and erosion have created a landscape of strange rock and soil formations in the shape of pillars and what look like exotic mushrooms.

Ban Fai Folklore Museum

Situated in the same compound as Ban Fai garden restaurant, 3 kilometres from town on the Phrae-Sung Men Road, the museum comprises several wooden buildings with exhibits exemplifying local lifestyles, shophouses and a traditional market.

Hua Dong Market

About 9 kilometres south of town on Highway 101, Hua Dong Market is a centre for furniture and home decorative items made from wood and rattan.

Wat Phra Luang

About 700 metres off Highway 101 at Ban Hua Dong is Wat Phra Luang, featuring a Sukhothai-period chedi, known locally as "That Noeng" or "leaning chedi".

Fabric Weaving Village

Long district, some 45 kilometres from the provincial town on Highway No. 1023, is the site of a centuries-old community. The local people are skilled in the craft of weaving, both silk and cotton. The art of making the tin chok fabric, in particular, has been handed down from generation to generation, Its design has been developed to appeal to modern tastes, although the original method has been retained. A fair celebrating the fabric is held annually in the Long district around November.

Wiang Kosai National Park

The Wiang Kosai National Park is about 70 kilometres from the provincial town in Wang Chin district. It can be reached by taking Highway No.11 (Phrae-Lampang). Then take a left turn toward Wang Chin district and continue for a further 13 kilometres to reach the turn to the park
headquarters. A further 1.5 kilometres on are two waterfalls, the Mae Koeng Luang, one kilometre from the headquarters, while the Mae Koeng Noi is 2 kilometres further. Streams from the falls flow into the Yom River.

Mae Yom National Park

Located in Song district, 48 kilometres from town, Mae Yom National Park covers mountainous terrain, where teak forests are probably the densest in the country, Along the Yom River, in from of the camping site, is a 2-kilometre stretch of rapids, best visited during November-February when the weather is cool and the scenery at its loveliest.


Special events in Phrae

Phrathat Cho Hae Fair

This temple fair features a Lanna-style procession in which the people, dressed in traditional costume, carry robes with which to cover the temple' s chedi.

Kin Salak Fair

Held in September, this is an old Buddhist merit-making celebration in which villagers prepare offerings and carry them in a procession to present to monks.


Shopping in Phrae

Phrae is well known for two fabrics of high quality: mo hom, made mainly in Ban Thung Hong and using traditional methods of weaving, dying and tailoring, and tin chok, a fine material with a distinctive design used for handbags, shoes and household decorative items, as well as clothing. The main production centres are Long, Wang Chin and Den Chai districts




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