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Attractions > North > Phetchabun

Attractions in Phetchabun province in Thailand

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Situated in the heart of Thailand, with its provincial capital some 346 km. north of Bangkok, Phetchabun is the meeting place of three regions, the North, the Central Plains and the Northeast.

The province centres on the Pa Sak River basin with mountain ranges running along both the western and eastern reaches. Because of the fertility of the soil, Phetchabun has always been a productive area, and its very name means "the land of crops and food". The province has a long and prosperous history and rich tourism potential. Its climate is attractive due to the mountains and forests.

Resort in Khao Kho


Accomodation in Khao Kho


Khao Kho


Resort in Khao Kho


Phu Tab Buek


Namtok Man Daeng, Phu Hin Rong Kla


Um Phra Dam Nam Ceremony


Um Phra Dam Nam Ceremony





City attractions in Phetchabun

Wat Mahathat

This temple on Nikon Bamrung Road has several ancient stupas of the Sukhothai style.

Phetchabun City Pillar Shrine

Relocated from the ancient town of Si Thep, this is considered the oldest such structure in Thailand.

Wat Trai Phum

This temple on Phetcharat Road features a Buddha statue called Phra Buddha Maha Dhammaracha cast in the ornamental Lop Buri style. The ritual bathing of the image is performed each September.


Out of city attractions in Phetchabun

Huai Pa Dang Dam

Created by a dam constructed for irrigation purposes, located some 8 km. west of town on Highway 2006, this is a pleasant place with scenic views.

Tat Mok National Park

This forest park has a huge waterfall fed by streams flowing down mountain crevices, creating twelve beautiful tiers. To reach the park, drive east for some 15 km. to Ban Chaliang Lap, then take a right turn onto Highway 2275, then a left fork, continuing for 20 km.

Si Thep Historical Park

Some 130 km. south of Phetchabun on Highway 21, and another 9 km. after a left turn, lie the ruins of Si Thep. An ancient town where many structures still remain indicative of its past prosperity during the 11th - 18th Buddhist Centuries, Si Thep was the centre of contact between the Dvaravati Kingdom in the Central Plains and the Khmer Kingdom in the Northeast, There are widespread remains of laterite buildings and of several ponds. Artefacts found here include elaborate lintels, Sema stones (used to mark out the limits of Buddhist temples) and jewellery.

Khao Kho

Bare 1,000 m. high mountains to the northwest of town, Khao Kho was a base from which communist insurgents conducted their struggle from 1968 to 1982. It is accessible via two routes; off Highway 12 (Phitsanulok-Lom Sak) at Ban Camp Son, and off Highway 21 at Bun Na Ngua, about 13 km. north of town. Both routes wind through steep terrain. Interesting places include various viewing points, remains of guerrilla bases, a war memorial, an arms museum, a stupa containing a holy relic, the Si Dit Falls and a royal palace.

Nam Nao National Park

Its office located some 50 km. east of Lom Sak along Highway 12, this is an immense tract of dry evergreen forest. Spread over rolling hills and including penuries and grasslands, it is the habitat of many diverse animals, and more than 100 bird species. In December and January, the temperature can drop to as low as 2 degrees Celsius. Points of interest are spread out.

Attractions reached by taking Highway 12 include: Tham Pha Hong with stalactites and stalagmites, located 300 m. north from Km.39 ; Ban Paek Pinery, reached by a 5 km. walk from Km.A9 ; Phu Khum Khao Pinery, 15 km. from Km.53, covering an area of about 10 and Heo Sai and Sai Thong Falls, located on the same trail, reached on foot, 1 km. and 1.5 km. respectively off the main road at Km.67. There are also attractions on Highway 2216 (Lom Kao-Huai Sanam Sai) such as Pha Lom-Pha Kong which are 5 km. from Km.40 and Tham Yai Nam Nao near Km.60.

B.N. Farm

This experimental farm grows cold-climate crops, including various flowers which bloom in season and is beautifully scenic. It is situated on the route to Khao Kho 3 km. from Ban Camp Son, off Highway 21 to the north of town. Fruit-based items are on sale.

Phu Hin Rong Kla

Located in the mountains northwest of Lom Sak, in the north of the province, amidst exotic scenery, this was a communist guerrilla base in the 1970s and 1980s. See the Phitsanulok section for more information.

Phu Hin Rong Kla



Festivals in Phetchabun

Sweet Tamarind Day

Sweet tamarind is strongly associated with Phetchabun and Sweet Tamarind Day celebrates the harvest of this fruit. During the festival, farmers bring their sweet tamarinds to sell at reasonable prices at Phetchabun's provincial athletic field where best crop contests are held. In addition, there is a variety of other entertainment.

Um Phra Dam Nam Ceremony

Held on the 15th day of the waning moon in the 10th lunar month, or Sat Thai Day, the day in which Thais make merit by proffering Krayasat, sticky paste made from rice, bean, sesame and sugar and other offerings to monks. The festival honours Phra Buddha Maha Dhammaracha, a highly revered ancient Buddha image. The image was found in the Pasak River by a group of farmers 400 years ago and taken to Wat Trai Phum. According to legend, the image twice wandered out of the temple and was later found in water, and so the ritual bathing ceremony came about. In the afternoon, the image is carried around town and then put under a lent in Wat Trai Phum, so Buddhists can pay respect by applying gold leaf to the statue. In the evening, prayers are chanted. At night, there are various kinds of entertainment. The next morning, people make merit as it is Sat Thai Day. Food and other necessities are given to monks. The Buddha image is then taken to be immersed in the Pasak River by the governor of Phetchabun and traditional dances are performed to show respect to it. After the ceremony, the water in the river is regarded as sacred, so people swim in it or take the water to drink, and then there are traditional long boat races.


Shopping in Phetchabun

Makham Wan, sweet tamarind, a crop widely grown in Phetchabun. Khanom Chin, a noodle-like dish made from flour, popular in Lom Kao District.





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