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Attractions in Chanthaburi province in Thailand

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Visit Thailand's garden province famed for its rich and varied fruits of the earth. A fascinating town, lush green landscapes and tranquil coastal villages.

With its provincial capital located 245 km. from Bangkok, Chanthaburi, covering 6,338 sq. km., is one of the Kingdom's less visited provinces, though one full of varied attractions. Known as the 'garden province', Chanthaburi is justly famed for its fertile land that gives plentiful yields of fruit such as mangosteen, rambutan and durian. The earth also yields rubies and sapphires, and Chanthaburi town remains an important trading centre for precious stones. Adding charm to the town is the Chanthaburi River, while the population comprises a colourful mix of ancient communities. Beyond the town, the province is characterised by an interior of forests and scenic waterfalls, and a coastline dotted with quiet fishing villages and peaceful beaches.


King Taksin the Great Memorial Statue


Ancient Fortress


Catholic Cathedral


Hat Chao Lao


Namtok Phlio National Park


Oasis Sea World


Rambutan Orchard




City attractions in Chanthaburi

City Pillar and King Taksin the Great Shrine

These two local landmarks, the one defining the heart of city and the other honouring King Taksin, are located on Tha Luang Road. Opposite stands an old building dating from the reign of King Rama VI and was formerly the town hall.

King Taksin the Great Memorial Statue

Located on Liap Noen Road, the equestrian statue of King Taksin is flanked by statues of his four royal guards, while the sculpted expression of the king's face clearly shows the resoluteness and determination of the man who reunited the Thais after the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767. The surrounding park and large pond serves as a popular recreation area.

Si Chan Road

This is the commercial area and centre of the gem business. Even though actual gem- mining in the province - is not as extensive as it used to be, Chanthaburi remains a major centre for the trade in gemstones from neighbouring countries and from abroad. The main gem market is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and attracts large crowds of dealers and visitors alike. Open daily 8.00 a.m. - 3.00 p.m.

Wat Phai Lom

Located across the Chanthaburi River from Si Chan Road, King Rama III-era Wat Phai Lom has a temple hall with its interior walls decorated with murals portraying the story of the Lord Buddha, interspersed with Chinese floral designs as well as illustrations of foreigners. Another building in the compound displays Western architectural influences, attesting to Chanthaburi's varied artistic and cultural heritage.

Catholic Cathedral

Situated in Tambon Chanthanimit by the riverbank, this is Thailand's largest Gothic Catholic cathedral, the present building dating from 1906.

Wat Thong Thua

4 kilometres from town along the Sukhumvit Road in Tambon Klong Narai is the site of an ancient temple built over a Khmer-style temple. There is also a large collection of ancient Khmer carved lintels, sandstone door columns carved in various designs and inscription stones. Nearby is the Mueang Phaniat archaeological site with its remains of the laterite base of a large Khmer religious sanctuary and moats.



Out of city attractions
in Chanthaburi

Wat Phlap

Located in Tambon Bang Kacha, southwest of town, this was the site of settlement during the late Ayutthaya period. Attractions include two ancient pagodas in different styles, and an old Thai wooden pavilion.

Khao Laem Sing Forest Park

Some 25 km. from Amphoe Tha Mai, the Park features a 172-metre hill located to the east of the mouth of the Chanthaburi River in Amphoe LaemSing. Boots go from Hat Laem Sing to Hat Ao Krathing. Contact the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department.
Tel. 0 2562 0760

Khao Khitchakut National Park

The National Park in King Amphoe Khao Khitchakut, reached by taking a turn at the 324-km. marker on Highway No. 3 and traveling a further 21 km., covers 58 sq. km. of forestland rich in herbal plants and wildlife. An attraction is the Krathing Waterfall, where nature trails criss-cross the 13 tiers of the falls. Contact the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department Tel: 0 2562 0760.

Namtok Khao Soi Dao

About 70 km. from Chanthaburi and located at Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Reserve, Amphoe Khao Soi Dao, the 15-level waterfall is reached by a hiking trail amid unspoiled forests with a large variety of butterflies and birds.

Namtok Phlio National Park

Take a left turn at the 346-km. marker on Highway No. 3, to get to the Park at Amphoe Laem Sing that covers an area of 134.5 of forest along the Khao Sa Bap mountain range. Points of interest include the 3-level Namtok Phlio, and a nearby pagoda built by King Rama V as a memorial to Phra Nang Chao Sunantha Kumarirat, his first consort, who died in a boating accident.

Oasis Sea World

Located near Hat Laem Sing, the Oasis Sea World has five dolphin shows daily 9.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m. Tel: 0 3939 9015 ,0 3936 3238-9.

Hat Ao Yang

Located in Amphoe Laem Sing, this small beach some 2 km. before the park is cool and shady, and offers accommodation facilities.

Hat Khung Wiman, Hat Khung Kraben,
Hat Laem Sadet and Hat Chao Lao

These are all peaceful beaches in Amphoe Tha Mai and clustered in an area about 30 km. from town, and valuable antiques. Open daily 8.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m.



Special festivals in Chanthaburi

Fruit Festival

Held in May-June, the fair highlights the province's cornucopia of fruit, as well as featuring stalls selling local crafts, jewellery, Thai cuisine, and seafood products. There are also fruit contests and a beauty pageant



Accommodation in Chanthaburi

A list of Chanthaburi hotels can be obtained from the TAT Central Region Office: Region 4.
TeI: 0 3865 5420-1


Fruit Festival




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