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Wellness in Thailand

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The gentle, calming effects of holistic spa treat-ments, natural remedies, the efficiency and professionalism of medical care all contribute to the rapid development of Thailand as the health capital of Asia. These features accompanied by Thai hospitality satisfy the most demanding standards and leave an unforgettable impression on visitors of all ages. Thailand is becoming the Land of Healthy Smiles. Enjoy this journey through the wonder of wellness as you recharge your batteries in a peaceful and safe environ-ment. Rejuvenate your mind and your body by treating yourself to the unique personal experience of a touch of Thai care.

Traditional Thai Massage

Land of healthy smiles

If you are one of those seekers of a place to genuinely retreat, recharge your men-tal and physical energies, and restore your health In harmony with beautiful, natural settings, then Thailand is your choice. Health and wellness, symbolized everywhere by that wonderful Thai smile - In markets, outside schools, crossing the streets is a product of a wealth of Thai wisdom and a peaceful Buddhist background.

                          Unique Thai Massage and Spas
            Traditional Thai Massage
In the areas of massage and spas, hospital treatment, and healthy leisure activities, Thailand has sought to combine its traditional qualities of hospitality and service with modern Western efficiency and technology. In this way, you can experience a range of traditional Eastern recu-perative treatments merging with Western ideas that will reward you with an inner serenity and satisfaction, medical services the envy of the rest of the world, and leisure activities that attract enthusiasts again and again.
Unique Thai Massage and Spas

Unique Thai massage and spas

Thailand is the land where body meets mind and spirit, and science meets art, and from this combination comes equilibrium and health. You can select a range of destinations throughout the country that enable you to experience a variety of healing and health packages conducted in anything from scenic moun-tain settings to dazzling turquoise sea environments, all in comfortable, soothing, and sty-lish facilities. Come and savor traditional Thai therapeutic techniques and holistic Thai spa treatments, the memories of which you will never be able to erase from your mind. These techniques and treatments have been tested and practiced for centuries, and await you with world-class hospitality and dis-tinctive Thai service.

Thai Massage and Spas

There is a long list of boutique resorts to luxurious hotels that offers vacationers a choice of physical and spiritual relaxation programs to boost their health, such as hydrotherapy, Thai herbal body treatment, traditional oil massage, sea therapy, and mineral stone sand-bath.


You can also submit yourself to a 'mind massage' in which the masseuse's fingertips gently apply a collection of natural ingredients used by practitioners over many centuries to relieve tension. Much of the gentle rocking and rhythmical nature of traditional Thai massage, adopted from marble inscriptions and yogi statues over the years, was used to alleviate ailments like backaches, fevers, headaches and stress. Thai massage also often induces a meditative stale and this encourages the body's ability to heal itself, revitalize inner balance, and achieve relaxation and peacefulness.


Wat Pho or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha is considered as the leading place of learning for traditional Thai medicinal art and a center at education for traditional Thai medicine. Here, you are able to get a massage and attend Thai massage courses conducted by experts.

Thai Massage and Spas Thai Massage and Spas  

Many of the herbs used in Thai massage and spas have qualities important in the
positive development of health and beauty. For example, oil from crushed turmeric is an efficient moisturizer and also has antiseptic properties, and essential oil of basil refreshes the senses and relieves fatigue. These qualities, along with the hospitality, friendliness, and caring nature of the personnel in the industry, make the Thai massage and spa experience one of exceptional value and benefit.

There are also many spa training centers available in Thailand. Visitors can take a short course during their visits and learn the best-kept secret treatments, such Asian spa treatment, Thai herbal massage, or even Thai herbal cuisine.


Health capital of asia

Thailand has established itself as the 'Health Capital of Asia,' with more than four hundred hospitals providing the most advanced and comprehensive medical care by experienced and internationally-trained specialists. The medical services in Thailand are of high quality but reasonably priced. The hospitals offer a wide range of treatment, including CT-scans, open-heart surgery, joint replacement surgery, and advanced dental expertise. Accompanying this high standard of treatment is the personalized attention and genuine compassion shown by hospital personnel that makes you feel at home.

    Health Capital of Asia        
    Health Capital of Asia
Health Capital of Asia                        
Health Capital of Asia

In addition, the aftercare services take place in resort settings with lavish accommodation - shopping and dining are commonplace, making you think that you are on vacation! Language is no longer a barrier as many hospital staff members are comfortable in the use of English, and other personnel are available for other languages. If s so good, even if you're not ill, it's worth a visit!!!  Why not treat yourself to a check-up?

Blue Canyon, PhuketMission Hill, Phuket

Special houdays for healthy
leisure seekers

If you're an active person looking for that special holiday pursuing your healthy leisure pastime, and golf is your preference, then Thailand is one of the best des-tinations for you.


Challenging and thrilling courses, striking lay-outs and designs, and knowledgeable and cheerful caddies are some of many explanations why Thailand is a recognized and renowned choice of golf enthusiasts. Spread throughout all the regions of the country, there are more than 200 great golf courses, such as in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the north, around Chon Buri and Rayong in the east, in Cha-am on the way south, and near Phuket in the far south. If you prefer to play your sport in world class conditions, in an affordable but comfortable atmosphere, then Thailand is the choice for you.




Thailand private tours, Bangkok private tours, Chiang Mai private tours, Ayutthaya..., ..., Thai private tour guide,
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