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amazing thailand

Amazing Thailand

Thainess Beaches Wellness Festivities
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The amazing Kingdom that steals your heart away


Thailand is unlike anywhere else in the world. Itís where delicate fragrances of frangipani and jasmine linger in golden temples, strong feelings of culture and history enrich the spirit and soul, smiles and friendliness reflect natural charm and hospitality, and the world's longest-serving monarch enjoys the love and respect of the whole nation.

This magnificent country possesses a mix of cultures, people, and wisdom, and is proud of its long history of more than seven hundred years of independence. It is a rich blend of colorful traditions and dazzling modern progress, a crossroads of past and future, a place of stories and legends, with an everlasting devotion to the monarchy, to the Buddhist faith, and to the ideals of freedom that have sustained Thailand.


Past glories have not vanished in its modern world, so join us on a journey into the heart of one of the most loved regions on earth with its inspiring local traditions, ancient cities, breathtaking sites, amazing scenery, and opportunities to shop and dine at prices you can afford. The diverse attractions will awaken your senses and provide you with endless chances to explore and discover new experiences.

Open your heart and your mind and become part of this unique nation. Take the journey through our great travel theme, Seven Amazing Wonders of Thailand, and savor the wonders of Thainess, Treasure, Beaches, Nature, Wellness, Trends and Festivities. The spells and charms of this journey will make you feel excited, alive, and special.


Take a deep breath, come with us on our journey, and wonder.



The Kingdom of Thailand displays the wonder of Thainess Ė a quality based on the peoples' unquestioning devotion to the monarchy and Buddhism. These and other enduring traditions color the nation and give the sense of an ancient land that is different. Journey through Thainess and feel Thai cultural traditions, the beauty of Thai hospitality, and the simplicity of Thai lifestyle and friendliness. Here, you can Experience the Art of Thai Living, and learn about Living in Thai Ways, Symbol of Thailand, Agrotourism and Agriculture, Local Wisdom, Delicious Cuisine , and Thai Ancient Sport.


Thailand historically has been an important focus of natural and cultural developments, as shown by the existence of numerous wildlife sanc-tuaries, archaeological discoveries, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Royal palaces and buildings of immense historical value have been converted Into museums. More than 30,000 Buddhist temples (wats) can be found around the country. Take the opportunity to explore these wonders golden treasures, impressive architecture, and stunning Thai art. It is a journey that takes you through the Land of Heritage and History giving you an insight Into the unique culture of Thailand and its people.


Enjoy the Fun, Sun, Surf, and Serenity of Thai Beaches at your leisure. There are many journeys to choose - climb to the top of a mountain and take in the spectacular view, dance all night at a beach rave, relax on white sandy beaches and rest in grass-roofed huts snuggled in the shade of coconut palms, dive into an unspoiled blue world, discover hidden lagoons on the islands, or simply float on the turquoise water. Whatever your wish, Thailand welcomes you to the wonder of beautiful beaches and enticing islands. There is everything imaginable to pamper you and enhance your beach pleasure, so grab your towel and prepare for paradise.


Take a journey through the wonder of nature and experience a vast variety of agricultural lifestyles, educational activities, exciting adventures, scenic paradises, wildlife sanctuaries, and marine and national park spread throughout the country. Encounter the Sheer Beauty of Thai Nature that allows you to test the kingdom's boasts of its collection of untouched natural resources and green destinations. These give you a greater awareness of the country's environment and the diversity of its regions. Perhaps you can find a place that endlessly pleases you with its beauty, serenity, and mystery.


The gentle, calming effects of holistic spa treat-ments, natural remedies, the efficiency and professionalism of medical care all contribute to the rapid development of Thailand as the health capital of Asia. These features accompanied by Thai hospitality satisfy the most demanding standards and leave an unforgettable impression on visitors of all ages. Thailand is becoming the Land of Healthy Smiles. Enjoy this journey through the wonder of wellness as you recharge your batteries in a peaceful and safe environ-ment. Rejuvenate your mind and your body by treating yourself to the unique personal experience of a touch of Thai care.


For those who want their hearts to beat faster, itís time to journey through Thailand's inspired lifestyle scene. Excite Yourself with a Myriad of Thai Trends is the campaign to stimulate you with the wonders of boutiques and chic fashions, modern shopping malls, weekend markets, fusion cuisine, nightlife, and entertainment. Get a glimpse of this unique cosmopolitan lifestyle in a twenty-first century setting of international standard, all with an Asian flavor. Thailand continues to be one of the world's most popular holiday destinations, and it offers all Its upbeat attractions in a safe and friendly environment.


Visiting Thailand lets you experience an endless journey through a series of religious and/or cultural festivals, rites, processions, dances, and ceremonies on which Thais base their lives. You are invited to Entertain Yourself at Festivities in Thailand - the kingdom that continually celebrates an annual circle of traditional and/or international festivities. They are an essential part of Thai life and offer the visitor a valuable opportunity not only to have fun but also to gain an insight into various aspects of Thai culture. You are invited to journey through the wonder of these colorful events and festivals and experience an integral part of Thai lifestyle.

      Join us as we journey to the core of this unique country the magical world, the true spirit, and the seven amazing wonders of the Kingdom of Thailand.  



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Thailand private tours, Bangkok private tours, Chiang Mai private tours, Ayutthaya..., ..., Thai private tour guide,
van rental with free private English speaking tour guide driver, for the details and prices click Terms and Conditions