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studying in thailand
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Studying in Thailand


About Thailand's Educational system.

If you need a break from your normal school life and wish you could just take off to a place with lot' of action and fun then Thailand is the place to be. Whether you're in high school or studying for a degree, Thailand offers international standard education which is recognized worldwide. This means you can transfer your credits directly to any of Thailand's educational institutions so you don't miss out on accomplishing your educational goals. Studying in Thailand will just blow your mind. The great activities in Thailand will not digress you from your schooling. In fact because you are that much closer to the greatest adventures of your life means that these activities will get you motivated and gearing to go. You might even find studying just that much more pleasurable knowing that signing on board your next adventure will only be minutes or a couple of hours away. No need to sir in class to imagine that perfect holiday, you’re already there.

    studying in thailand

If you're a university student, you'll be pleased to know that there are quite a number of universities that offer international programmes conducted in English and are usually affiliated with universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand which enables credit transfers. Check out the Thailand Ministry of Education website, subsection University Board, to find out which university is affiliated with which.

studying in thailand  

As for younger students requiring high school education or below, there are many international schools to choose from, some of which arc part of international education franchise  ie: St. John's International School, Regent International School, Shrewsbury International School and Harrow international School. There are also international schools located outside of the capital that offer boarding on campus, Some of the more popular locations for these international schools are the beach resort destinations of Phuket Island, Hun Hin, Cha-am, Pattaya, Chon Buri and even in the northern hills of Thailand. International schooling in Thailand usually follow 2 types of curriculum, the British Education syllabus (IGSCE and A Levels) and American syllabus (North American International Course/Advance Placement; AP courses, and International Baccalaureate Diploma; IB). However, there are also international schools which offer programmes in Japanese, Mandarin, French and a host of other languages.

How to Enroll in a Thai Educational Institution?

To obtain further details on how to enroll into a Thai school with an international programme,  first visit the Association of International Schools of Thailand website at and the Ministry of Education's website at to obtain full details on available curriculums. The website contains a comprehensive list of all schools located within the country which are accredited by the Ministry of Education. International schools in Thailand are all accredited and requires a special license to operate therefore there are no real worries about the quality of education your children or yourself will receive. Thailand's most popular and oldest international schools are the International School of Bangkok (ISB) and Ruamruedee International School (RIS). However, in the last decade a large number of international schools that are part of international educational franchises have decided to operate In Thailand and are therefore comparable to the level of education from the country of origin.

Those interested in higher learning, visit for a list of universities that offer syllabus affiliated with foreign universities. This website is a private website which offers a complete listing of Thai universities. Then, visit each university's website to determine the university that best suits you. If you wish to only spend part of your education in Thailand, be sure to check that you are able to transfer credits back to the university of your home country or, in the next country you're planning to visit, and vice versa. Most Thai universities do offer exchange programmes and as such, transferring to a Thai institution can be done with ease.

Notable International school

International schools in the capital are:
• American School of Bangkok, Bromsgrove International School
• Garden International School (Bangkok campus)
• Harrow International School
• International School of Bangkok (ISB)
• Ruamruedee International School (RlS)
• Regent's School (Bangkok Campus)
• Shrewsbury International School
• St. John's International School
• St. Andrew International School (Bangkok Campus)
• St. Stephen's International School (Bangkok campus)
• St. Stephen's International School (Khao Yai campus:
45-minute drive from Bangkok).

International schools in eastern Thailand:
• Garden International School (Rayong Campus)
• International School Eastern Seaboard (Chon Buri)
• International School of Pattaya (Pattaya)
• St. Andrew International School (Rayong Campus)
• The Regent's School (Pattaya Campus)

International schools in the north are:
• Chiang Mai International School
• Chiang Rai Montessori School

Notable international schools in the south are:
• The British Curriculum School (Phuket)
• The British International School (Phuket)

studying in thailand
studying in thailand
studying in thailand

Notable Universities

Local universities with international curricula in Bangkok
(Central Thailand) are:
• Assumption University
• Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
• Bangkok University, Rangsit University
• University of the Chamber of Commerce
• Sasin University (Graduate Programme only)
• Thammasart University
• Kasetsart University
• St. John's University
• Mahidol University

Noteworthy universities located upcountry are
• Webster University which has a campus in Kanchanaburi
(western Thailand)
• Chiang Mai University (northern Thailand)


See table at end of booklet for full listing of reference websites for further research.



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Thailand private tours, Bangkok private tours, Chiang Mai private tours, Ayutthaya..., ..., Thai private tour guide,
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